How To Exploit E.A. Koetting YouTube Vid_REVIEW


This was a pretty cool podcast I think. Personally, I look forward to seeing E.A. and GOZER/Nate discuss topics related to Magick.

One of the things that I believe Nate brought up was something about topics.

I personally would LOVE to see E.A. and Nate discuss the day-to-day handlings of the mundane now as accomplished sorcerers and perhaps more importantly, what is was like for them several years ago:

  1. what was your training schedule like
  2. how do you spend your time & maximize it

I think a LOT of people really overlook just how extremely important the area of time management is regarding Ascent. Now guys…I’m talking shit what time they woke up, how much sleep they got, what was the training methods they used?

Did you evoke everyday? How did/do you balance life and family.

…jus a thought.

In addition:

Which rituals SPECIFICALLY did they do in order to speed up the process of let’s say…developing The 3rd Eye/Spirit Vision. Which entities were worked with and why/what order