How to exert as much energy as sex magick without sex

I literally just had an amazing experience with both my spirit animal and my spirit guide who finally introduced itself to me. Thank you @Lady_Eva for the meditation technique. Anyway as I explored the astral they mentioned tension in the body and how release of tension in the physical body will exert energy out of the astral body. They taught me a technique to exert a tremendous amount of energy during a spell casting. Its simple and makes perfect sense.

Like in sex magick the orgasm release an abundant amount of energy. Rather then sex, use what is just as powerful and use survival. At the end of a working once you want to release the energy, hold your breath as long as humanly possible. During this breath holding meditate on the outcome of the spell. Continue to up until the very last second when you simply cannot hold in any longer, and once you gasp for air ,push that one outcome thought outward.


It’s a favourite technique but one word of caution be nowhere near candles as you can pass out if you are too intent and set fire to yourself or your area.

If you are able to practise proper breath control you can hold it in the same way that you would if you were swimming or diving - but the concentration and pushing of intent as you’ve probably found is like pushing a 10 tonne boulder up a hill.


:thinking: imma give this a shot on my next lamp of fate ritual I’ll let ya know how it goes.