How to evoke silently when others in the house dont want you to

I may have asked this before but it’s kinda different now. I’m starting to have this issue where my mother knows I’m into spirits and demons…the typical thinking like the usual “they’re all evil” crap. She cringes when I mention Lucifer…funny thing is she loves all this resin I have but little does she know what I use and plan to use it for lol.

Anyway, I have a scying mirror as a manifestation base as well. Already cleansed it with the elements and charged with my drop of blood. I just need to sit it in moonlight tonight, unless its not required let me know.

But I have two questions:

  1. I dont necessarily need incense when I’m scrying into mirror, do it? all that is needed is the enn and Sigil/Seal of the spirit?

  2. I also don’t necessarily have to vocalize anything loudly to evoke either, right? Maybe a whisper is enough? And considering the dialogue will be a two way communucaton in the mind anyway once I improve my senses?



No you don’t need incense nor do you need vocals.


You’re always first to reply. Much apreciated :metal:

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