How to Evoke J.C

I want to try my very first evocation and as Ive never done this before Im feeling to try with Jesus Christ.

Can anyone advise me on what I might do to make contact? I guess a simple cross could be used as a sigil I can draw on paper. Other than that Im unsure what I need to do.

Any tips would are appreciated.

I’m not sure the cross will be appropriate.

Maybe try creating a sigil out of his name. Jesus. Or Jesus of Nazareth. Or something like that. Not Jesus Christ, though - I have a feeling the Jesus Christ is not the same as the Jesus who walked the Earth.

Actually, I believe his name was spelled differently, so maybe try the original spelling?

Hmmmmm, how about evoking Yeshua instead that might work better.

Or Jesus if Nazareth…as you said would be better than Jesus Christ.

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I remembered that Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki assigned Jesus a Quarter, so I checked… Call him facing East.

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Hey man, I called him forth quite a few times, had powerful experiences in the past.
you must know that, magickally spoken his name is
Y E S H U A , which phonetically, involves the letters Y H S V H (or Yod He Shin VaV He) in Hebrew,
very important because those constitute 5 hebrew letters that are multidimensional references to 5 cosmic principles, including the Cosmic Mother, Cosmic Father, and more…; Just like a mantra, it’s a powerword. referring to the archetypical/multidimensional SON-SHIP-IN-GOD; :slight_smile:

Do you have any magickal circles? (if not we can find an alternative way)
He would come eitherway when called forth, but the use of magickal circles can help
more clearly define the difference between him as a soul (because he is a voluntary soul, taking that position in the cosmos, and you I and him are all equal in the One Source)


I believe V.K Jehannum has a video on summoning J.C; I think he even had a channeled sigil

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I tried to evoke Jesus.

Im a noob so sat on my bed and started staring between the ceiling and the wall and went into a light trance, the room felt a bit foggy and i was looking at a cross I drew as a sigil. I was asking him to come forth and let me see him.

What happened was my body started to fill with energy like it usually does when i meditate and the intensity was high, i asked Yeshua could he help me heal my solar and heart chakra. Placed my hands over these chakra and energy started flowing.

I lied down like this for a few minutes and then it all kinda dispersed and ended, I said my thank you’s and got up.

I didnt see anything except some lines and static in the air, Im willing to keep practicing until more appears to me.

Not sure exactly what actually happened there but it was something.

I dont have a magical circle and would be interested in something that might work instead that I can currently afford.

I will check out V.K on youtube and see what channeled sigil he has from Yeshua.

Baal Kadmon has a book about Jesus Magick.

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Use the name Yahashua, not Jesus or Yeshua.

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