How to evoke Gremori?

Hello everyone !
First of all, i would like to thank all of you. For your support and replies.I simply love this forum.I need financial support to pay my rent and studies.I have read in this forum,that Gremori has helped many.Can you please tell me,how to evoke her? ask her to help me to open opportunities and get me the money i need? It would be really kind,if someone could guide me step by step. Since i dont know much about this. Thanks a ton !


Please use the search function in the upper right. There are MANY threads that provide steps for evoking a spirit.

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i could not find the instructions how to evoke her.

The methods of evocation work for any spirit. There is no specific evocation just for Gremory. What works for one spirit generally works for all spirits.

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Thank you for this.But i have a few questions please…

  1. “Flash and charge a sigil with your intent” - What does flash mean here? And do i have to write the sigil on a piece of paper ? Or engrave it on a candle ? If so,which color? Its a bit difficult i guess,since candles are not that big and wide,to engrave a sigil.

  2. Once done the step above,i should keep looking at the sigil and chanting “Alash Tad Al-ash Tal Ashtu” , till i feel the presence. Right ?

3.Is there a list to find out,which demon is repsonsible for what subject? Such as for love…and money etc.

Thank you so much for taking out time for me and helping me. Means a lot !

The “flash” of a seal is simply a sign that you are entering an altered state. “Charge with intent” is simply visualizing what you want while gazing at the seal.

Yes, the seal should be drawn on paper.

Candles colour doesn’t really matter with spirits, though white or black is traditional.

You don’t have to chant “alash tad al’ash tal ashtu” unless you want to. That is a specific mantra for Azazel that represents spiritual pacts and can be used to help enter trance but it is not necessary.

You could imply chant “Gremory, come!” over and over again and have the same effect.

There are plenty of lists of demons and what they can help with available all over the internet. Just use Google.


Here is a long but informative post about Gremory or also spelled Gremori gives a history on the spirit and than several comprehensive rituals. Try google you will find a number of sites that have a ton of information that you may find usefull.

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Thank you !

  • Can i write my intent also on a piece of paper? To show her?
  • Does her sigil on the paper needs to be put face down?
  • How would i know that the demon has come? can i feel their presence?
  • How do i say bye to them to make sure they leave?
  • How long does it take normally for them to fulfill the wish?
  • Most importantly,do i have to give her an offering too? If yes,what ?
  • Evoking any demon,should be done in the dark room, along with the candles ? Or the lights can be switched on?
    -Does the demon has a planet? Like they say, venus belongs to gremori,so i should do the ritual on a friday…is it true or it doesnt matter?
    Thanks a lot.Sorry, for so many questions,but i want to make sure that i know all that…Will start soon.
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1: Why would you need to write your intent on a piece of paper if you are evoking the spirit? Spirits respond to emotion, not written words. That is why you visualize your intent when opening a seal and then verbally tell the spirit what you want.

The only time you would have to write down your intent would be if you were making a petition, but that does not involve evoking the spirit.

2: No.

3: Always assume the spirit is present because they always come when called

4: Dismiss the spirit respectfully, and then perform a banishing.

5: Depends on the task and the variables involved.

6: No. Offerings are part of a specific religious practice called demonolatry. They are not necessary, but are a nice gesture.

7: Spirits can be evoked in broad daylight, as long as you can get into the proper mind state necessary. A dark room is only necessary for helping your mind get into the mood for magick.

8: You can evoke a spirit of the Goetia any time. You can use astrological correspondence only if you want to.


Thank you very much ! Wish me luck for tonight.

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by the way, how do i banish ?
And, should i make a circle on the floor with flour as “protection” before calling any demon ? Just to be safe

A circle doesn’t protect you. It is simply the place where you step out of ordinary life and into Eternity.

As a beginner, I would recommend you learn to cast a proper magic circle.

To banish, learn a banishing ritual, which not only clears the area of unwanted spirits and energies, but establishes a boundary to keep them out.


This reply might be late but anyways have you checked the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. As long as you read this book and follow the instructions you won’t need much else. And if you have already made contact with Gremory then please do tell, as I myself am thinking about doing so.