How to establish communication

How do I listen to to understand what spirits are telling me? I have never understood them or their behavior. Simple Meditations? Should I meditate on the vibrations of energies that I feel touching my body?


I’m new myself and what has helped me is working with entities that have a great presence so you can’t miss them. What I do whenever I get a chill is I focus on it and let it fill me. For meditation practices I heard you have to open your third eye, to do so meditate and focus on the center of your forehead. Imagine a white light streaming in.


I actually created a meditation to help you with exactly that issue, many have found it helpful and I hope you do do. Cheers!


Thanks bro

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There are many different ways you can establish communication. The easiest one, I would say, is using the pendulum, and the sigil of the spirit. But, of course, if this isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always establish “telepathic” communication via meditation.

Essentially, there are three types of meditations that you should practice in order to establish a strong communcation:

  1. The No-Mind Meditation (in order to clear your mind, and able to properly “hear” what the spirits are telling you).

  2. The Trance Meditation (learning how to fall into a trance whilst meditation quickly and efficiently)

  3. Clairaudience Meditation (focusing on the 6-7 (depends who you ask) minor chakra points on each side of your head, and visualizing them becoming brighter and brighter, like stars, in order to open them).

All of these are mandatory for establishing very strong communication, in my opinion. No Mind meditation allows you to clear your mind and hear the spirits properly, as I’ve said, the clairaudience meditation will help you hear the spirits outside of trance, while in a trance state you’ll be able to not only hear them, but also see them.

Also, keep in mind that when the spirits are talking to you, they’re using your thought process. You don’t actually hear a sound, rather you have a distinctive, specific thought process which speaks to you, and answers your questions. It’s also very easy to confuse your own thoughts with the thoughts of a spirit. This is quite normal. Just keep practicing, and in time, your communication with the spirits will be on point.


Could you send links to all those?:joy:

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I will tell you all you need to know at some point of the day; right now, I’m in a hurry.


I would, personally, prefer automatic writing before a pendulum anytime. Any kind of communication that replies with a “yes” or a “no” could be deceiving and lead you to misdirection. And depending on your questions, these kind of answers will only fit your own motifs, rather than finding answers.

How limited is a pendulum?

Asking what kind of spirit you’re talking to, you have to give suggestions of certain spirits that leads to the “right” answer. So you have to ask more questions. Then you might wanna know how old the spirit is, so you have to ask questions about that, so you might give numbers out of thin air until the spirit says “yes”. It’s stalling, and it takes time and you barely learn anything from it. At best and worst, the result of it will be just the way you wanted by your own leading questions. You could basically make the spirit say “yes” or “no” to everything, as long as it fits your suggestive motives.

Automatic writing gives more in-depth replies than a pendulum. At least in the beginning of a conversation. With automatic writing, the spirit is controlling your hand and write the replies, and if your senses is strong, it can be very effective.

There’s a lot of ways to communicate with a spirit, so never limit yourself to the audible sense entirely. If you lack the clairaudience sense, you can use clairsentience or the other three senses to your disposal.


i have a question for you and Master E<A, it is with regards to indigo priencess’s you tube video reguarding
djn,deamon summoning and packs, in the video she made several claims about summoning,makeing
a pact but neither the english version,she did in arebic, in the aforementioned she said two things whitch
confused me,on the pact,you didn’t have to sale your soul to get a djn or deamon enter a pact.
she further claimed that there exsisted a little known wish he could grant,that was extend your life for
300 additional years,become your guardian your teacher,mentor and they would teach you all the teachings
of the bllack arts But again she didn’t show how to create,write the pact,she further mentioned
ZYlon who can reverce your condition 180 degrees for the better,weather,job,finances,love all you had
to do was summon him politely,firmly and respectfully,and he would enter a pact with you

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i remember in my RHP days, i used clairvoyence subliminals,
and heard a few times what a friend (states away) telling my a few sentences.
~I later asked her what one of the words was supposed to mean,
and she told me.

That is mroe than a year ago…

Do you think, that all those abilities are linked?

This! Now this is what I face that I have doubts about but in a way I can relate! I tend to talk in my head alot of the time so I am all to familiar with my own homunculus voice. In some instances when I meditated on lucid dreaming I’ve heard a voice not my own speak and usually it was only a single word that broke the noise in my mind, giving me such clarity I’ve never known! Best way to describe it was a white room and only other voice was my own! It was soo amazing. But again, only a handful of times and not even meditation has ever gotten me there. Yet. One of the main reasons I’ve come here.

Anyways, like I was saying, I tend to do alot of thinking using that voice of mine and often times as soon as I think of something or a question, I get usually get an immediate response from my own voice. However its EVER so subtle that unless I analyze it, I get the feeling it was my own voice that was influenced. Arg…its hard to explain how I want but that’s the best I can think of and it’s for that very reason I’m always questioning myself if I am talking to myself or if my spirit is using my own voice to talk back to me. 5hats where my doubts have come from and why…well, hell, I kind of lose faith that I’m even talking to anyone other than myself.

But reading that, I feel soo much better and I feel now hope restored and a sort of vigor filling me.

What are the steps to automatic writing?