How to Enn

Hello everyone I am trying to figure out the process to do an enn (state of mind, steps to take, and how to finish the ritual) but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on either here or YouTube. If someone could help I’d greatly appreciate it. Btw I found enn a for the demons I just don’t know how to do the ritual. Thank you!

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I think you are meaning theta gamma state here.

An “enn” is a mantra in the demonic tongue used to invoke the energy of the demon in question. They are often used as an adjunct to evocation, but there is no specific “ritual” to use with them.

They can be:

Chanted on their own for a set number of times (108 is common) as a form of meditation.

Used, as stated above, as part of an evocation when opening a spirit’s seal to summon it forth.

Used as a “spell” fuelled by your will and intention (see EA’s book Baneful Magick for an example of using certain enns for cursing).


@DarkestKnight how would you chant an enn 108 times? Wouldn’t that get your mind out of the very meditation you are trying to accomplish?


There are many different forms of meditation, and they each serve a different purpose.

When you meditate using a mantra, you are not striving for empty mind, but for one pointed focus upon the mantra, allowing its energy to become a part of you. This method of meditation can also be used to create a personal Word of Power or to fire a mantric sigil,

108 repetitions is a traditional number for mantras, and was simply used as an example. However, I know at least one member of this forum who chants Lucifer’s enn every morning 108 times.