How to embed video?

How do I embed YouTube videos into posts? If it’s HTML can somebody please give me the tags with an example. (I’m inept at this sort of thing now).


As far as I know, you cannot embed them, you can only post a link to them.

I thought I’d seen videos in posts before. Like, the YouTube thumbnail that you click on and it starts playing right in the post. Does the URL function produce that? I know if you just paste the URL straight into the post with no code, in the preview it shows up as a still image.

direct paste onto its own singular line like the below, but without the @@@.[email protected]@@com/watch?v=OuYJydMaHL4

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Yes. Just copy/paste the URL from YouTube.

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Ok thank you

Most pictures and sites work like that as well.

Now watch it not work… ah huzzah it worked.

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