How to dream walk

So I was wondering if anyone here has ever dream walked. And if they would have any tips on learning how to do so?

What is dream walking

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Probably walking into another person’s dream


Never heard that term before

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Yes it is walking into someone else’s dream


So the target must be sleeping, dreaming, and you project yourself INTO the dream they are having?

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Yes I would think so

Sounds about right

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Love new experiments… dream walkin this week and fkin up someones dream :joy::joy:

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Michelle Belanger’s Psychic Dreamwalking is the only book I’ve found that’s specifically dedicated to this technique. Would recommend.


I think we all do it by accident at some point while we are sleeping. The trick is knowing how to do it on purpose, and I have absolutely no idea about that one. I’m not sure I would want to do it randomly, but I imagine it could be an amazing tool.


Apparently my higher self visits my friends in their
Dreams and give them good advice. I’ll just think i’m having a dream about them with myself looking like a very idealized version of myself and they’ll call me like hey I had the weirdest dream about you.

I have a friend that her magical work is dreamwalking. She interprets dreams by going into the dream like an instant replay. She can just connect with the person remotely somehow and see the dream to interpret it. I asked her if she would interpret a dream of mine but I was unaware of her method. So when she tried to go into my dream my higher self stopped her and asked what she was doing.

I told her she really needs to make sure the person understands she needs to go in their mind. They may have a spirit as a gatekeeper that she may have to speak to or pass a test to enter the persons subconcious.

Belial drags me (out of my body because I can’t astral travel on purpose) along to try to get me to dream walking on purpose but I can’t seem to get it. He says its the most effective way to influence a persons mind directly. He wants to show me in advance so if the situation arises where i need to influence someone the skill will be there. However the people he shows me are ones that have wronged him or someone he’s been asked to get out of someones way.

At this point I either can’t muster the desire to hurt someone unless its personal or I just don’t want to get involved in other peoples cursing. So I just watch and hope I learn something.