How to do with edible offerings

What do you do with edible offerings after you offering them to entities? Take them yourself or throw away?

When I occasionally offer gods food or drink, I take it myself when (it occurs to me that) they’re done.
Plus, it is my country’s tradition to eat edible offerings after offering them to the gods or ancestors. We believe they take food or drinks in similar ways to sniffing.

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There are many different ways to dispose of offerings, which has been discussed here on multiple threads that you can search for. It comes down to personal preference of both the magician and the spirit.

Personally, I usually offer drinks more often than food (I offer my own blood more often than either, which is dropped on top of a lit charcoal disk along with an offering of incense). At the end of the ritual, I ask how the offerings should be disposed of and go with whatever pops up in my mind first. Usually, I consume it myself after some time has passed


Thank you for your advice! May you be healthy and prosper.

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Why would you put edible offering on the table? There’s a better way. Why not offer the offering by way of eating for the spirit to experience it so that it’s not wasted.

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Oh, that’s a fresh idea! I will try it later. Many thanks.

Entities can take the energy from the food, may be an unpopular opinion but if it’s for the entities, it’s never a waste