How to do rituals while in trance?

Hi I tried to search this but couldn’t find an answer, sorry if it’s there and I missed it.

How do you do rituals that require reading certain passages of hebrew/latin and also requires staring at different sigils within a ritual, while in trance state? Or is it fine not to be in trance when performing a ritual?
Because I can’t remain in trance and have my eyes open as well, reading and concentrating on different words. I need to have my eyes closed.


With practice, you can remain in trance (what we here call the theta/gamma sync) while your eyes are open.


Open eyes may partially be an hindrance but also help to stay in a not “sleepy” trance (speaking in general; maybe this wasn’t even an issue).

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I’m not sleepy when I’m in trance with my eyes closed, just when i open my eyes I can’t retain being in trance.

You may do ritual actions and read incantations (leaving out, for example, Spirit names) in order to commit them to memory. Or practice with closed eyes a meditative magick involving visualization, breathing and, using again the example of Spirit names, vibrate them or say “I, (Name), summon you (Spirit)” etc.
Trance was omitted in the past, this may be either because it was a given, or it appeared relatively recently in Magick.

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Trance has always been part of magick. Traditionally, sleep deprivation, flagellation, and the burning of certain herbs that are borderline poisonous were used to enter it. You can easily see such methods in a lot of ancient Greek writings. It’s definitely not a modern thing.

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Try using isochronic tones. They can help train your brain to remain in trance states. Don’t use the YouTube videos though. They don’t have the potency of frequency needed. Unexplainable store and idoser are good companies to try.

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This one works for me.

You don’t have to be in trance the whole ritual. Only the part that requires such state. For example, when you need to communicate with a spirit ( gazing at a black mirror or candle or with visualization ) in this case you need to be in trance or you won’t be able to perform that part correctly. The rest of any ritual doesn’t require being in full deep trance.

There is a difference between trance state and magickal state. You need to be in magickal state or Alpha brainwave, during the ritual. And this would happen naturally if you concentrate on what you’re doing and focused on your intention.

When you get to the part that requires trance, you can move deeper from Alpha to Theta. Performing the whole ritual in trance - in my opinion - is just waste of concentration and energy. Not required at all for a successful ritual or spell.


Thank you, that made sense!

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If one has a fully developed clairaudience and clairvoyance abilities…do they still need to be in trance to communicate with the entities?

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Trance is used to be able to see or hear spirits. If you can do it in any other way that’s great. It’s only required - traditionally - in magick. For example, people can use a spirit box or a pendulum to communicate with spirits, no trance needed. Whatever works, in my opinion.

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whats the best way to use this for evocation?

You use that link to go into trance. Just listen to it while you are meditating/gazing at the spirit’s sigil.

But it looks like you are totally new. Chakrawork/trancework should be your main focus for now.

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What @Rikki1511 said. :slight_smile:

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Well I listened to that for half an hour while trying to open a sigil and nothing happened.

Is there more info you can give?

Let’s assume you succeeded in evoking the entity. How will you communicate with them?

You need to use headphones. Put your headphones on, lay down or make yourself comfortable on a sofa or in an armchair, but not so comfy you’ll fall asleep. Then clear your mind, focus on your breath and the sounds. Before you know it, you’re in theta. A while after, you should start to enter the rapture state, which comes with an euphoric feeling. It’s vitral you don’t fall asleep at this stage if you’re doing some work.

This takes practice, but the isochronic or binaural beats definitely help. But you need to make sure it’s a pure isochronic or binaural beat.

Admittedly, the ones on YouTube are not as effective because of the compression involved, plus I suspect many of these videos aren’t produced by pros. However, the one I linked to is one of the better ones and it does work well as a focal point for my mind.

If you’re after something better for free, there’s this tool. :wink:

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It’s not going to do the work for you. :wink: It’s an aid. Nothing more.