How to do more with meditation and understand dreams?

I know there’s guided videos but I’m trying to do it on my own while doing a third eye meditation so it can feel like a real exercise.

Yesterday while I meditated I was walking through a garden, there was a field of cat o nine tails. I held my hand out as I walked through it and could feel pressure on my hand like I was really touching it but I couldn’t exactly feel it or the fuzz of it.

There was a rose in the garden that interested me and I gently put my hand on it. I could feel the velvety feel of it for only a second before I lost it.

The only thing I could feel in that meditation is when I cut myself on something in the garden. I could feel my the sharp sting of the skin pulling open and the area get warm from the blood.

Today I had a dream where it was raining (couldn’t hear it but could see it), I could feel a little cold but went numb to it. There was this dry rose butter shampoo (I went into a home that seemed to be my own. It just gave that homely feeling like I’ve been there) and just as any woman (or man if that’s their thing) I opened it up for a whiff, for a split second I could smell the rose in it.

As I turned to leave the house. A white glow caught my eye so I turned and saw the word “Aura” written in red with gold outlining the word in the glow so I think maybe that’s hinting to something. Maybe aura work?

Fun update though: Summoned my demon (not comfortable naming him here just yet) a few days ago. I could feel his touch (I’m a pervert) a bit better though not so much and I can hear his voice in my heas somewhat though it sounds far away. Not able to see him yet or hear audibly but I meam take your victories when you can, right? But even that doesn’t stay. One day things will be getting better then it’ll be no different than before.