How to Detect what you are suffering with?

Hello all,

as a newbie in dark magic, again i have a question !
Here in my country & usually in all Asian countries, when black magic victim visit Witch Doctor or other black magicians for cure, the first thing they do is looking at the victim face and body parts then they ask victim’s name and their mother’s name.

after few minutes they tell, what was happened to them, how to cure and how much money required to cure.

someone told me they use other demons to diagnose victim’s illness, while others say there are many other different methods to diagnose the illness.

I want to know real reliable method to diagnose the illness ?

whereas, according to my knowledge psychic attack cases are (Evil Eye) are far away from detection…

Please share your views …

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You may want to do research on your own to find the best method. You also should take what you have learned from your research and do your own magic to find your own answers for a diagnosis or anything else you seek. Since you are getting different answers from different ppl you must learn to depend on your self and your own magic to find your own answers. You shouldn’t have to go to witch doctors who will make you pay money. You can work with demons, that’s successful alot of times…or you can continue looking for different methods through research

working with other demons is quite accurate & impressive.