How to destroy someone aura and chakras?

is there any ritual for this? Thanks

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If I remember correctly, the Ugly Stick curse in the Anthology of Sorcery Volume 3 attacks the chakras.

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Chakras can be overloaded.

Auras can be corrupted.

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How do you overload someone’s chakras? @Dusk

The aura is energy you cannot destroy it but you can corrupt it so to speak, chakras aren’t destroyed, they can be made sickly to a point the energy becomes stagnant and pretty much self harming to the energy body.

You find a way to force energy into them until a point where they ain’t working right.

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I love the way you worded it! :joy:

What can be The ways ?

I kept my answer to this broad because there’re about as many ways to swing this in magic an there are ways to do magic; creativity’s the limit;

For example I know chakra overload is possible largely from screwing with overloading my own chakras using a method @Anziel_Merkaba taught to and practiced with me one day quite awhile back. Something like a middle pillar rite meant to empower a magician can be utilized to this effect on oneself rather easily.

Theoretically too you could trap someone else in a similar kind of rite for similar effect, or command a really big spirit to possess them and try for the same kind of overloading effect.

Sky’s the limit though, those are just theoreticals off the top of my head.


Raziel once helped me this one u shoild ask him