How to destroy multiple enemies?

I’m seeking for help. The real reason why I joined this group and began this particular path is because I have multiple enemies that seek to harm me and my wife. All I have been able to do is reverse magic so far because I really don’t know anything else.

I want to learn how to leave my enemies completely distorted to the point that I can live my life in peace once and for all.

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Why do you have so many enemies? Maybe nust stop whatever your doing?

I did. Thats why I’m in this mess. I had a godfather, and he used to do spells on me and my wife in order to get money out of us. Once we began to lose faith in the religion we decided to finally give it up. Out of spite he made it his business to continuously cast spells on us ever since. Now he has other his Godkids and Friends casting spells on us also!!!

I just want to live in peace.

I see. What is the religion by the way? How long has he been Godfather?

Congo sorcery. I left at 2 years.

I’d use Rat King symbology.!/