How to defend against an angel attack

So I know now what it is like to be attacked by both angels and demons.

I could probably add to how to defend against demons but here are some tips for defending against angels, that I have found. black candle wax, pouring black candle wax on you and sleeping pills. I forget if the salt bath works, that probably helps a bit too.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

What do you do?


PS DO NOT use any peppermint oil or Mint oil, angels love that and it just makes it worse


I got rid my angel problems with the help of Demons. Something I suppose won’t work for you.

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That’s interesting tell more

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I am working with other angels, that is what I do mostly I guess, it is a good place to begin.
I have spoke with Belial, I sort of have mixed feelings and I think the feeling is mutual. Azazal would be my next most interested one in summoning. Also if I do use Demons I may lose the angelic defense against the demons that attack me. I can get rid of them the cycles of the moon, but if I don’t at the start of a new cycle they use the hooks they have in me to get back in. If I banish the hooks I might banish Belial or other demons whom I may not wish to remove.

Oh I thought you said both demons and angels are attacking you. And you were asking what ways we’re using to keep the angel attacks away. Now you say you work with angels. Don’t know, your case is different than mine, so I can’t give any further advice.

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No, you shouldn’t. You are targeting the specific demons that are attacking you, but the demons you invite into your space will not be affected. That is why people who work with Lucifer can use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with him in the room and it won’t affect him. Your intention with any defense or banishing is what matters. If you articulate that you are only getting rid of what is causing you harm, then Belial or any other demon you purposely called, will not be affected. You can still get rid of the “hooks” and not worry about getting rid of Belial or whatever demon you are working with.

I used Belial’s gateway symbols and called upon him, while in the morning, I used Damon Brand’s angelic Circle of Power, and it didn’t affect Belial at all.

You can use angels to get rid of angels, you can use demons to get rid of angels, you can use angels to get rid of demons and you can use demons to get rid of demons.


Why don’t you describe your attack for others who seem to think angels are all light and love?


It feels like you are covered in peppermint oil, you are massively withdrawing from drugs and your parents are getting mad at you and shaming you as though they just caught you molesting your sister. Not that I have, I don’t have a sister but they feel like they are shaming you and that if you don’t listen they will turn your energy into really fucking creepy energy and everyone will stay away from you, and it feels like they command the moral high ground. That is sort of what it was like.

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I actually use a cleansing bath for that.

You should have some Ammonia in it,
It feels strange,
and it’s a kind of bit of nasty.

But that Ammonia will keep you isolated from any spirit encounters for a while,
Since Demons and Angels hate it’s taste.

I personally use a Amonia Camomille essence for that.



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