How to deal with the negative people around you?

How do you deal with idiots and people who do not like you? There is a lot of dic*heads in my environment and people who are envious on the others, they are slanderous and they are fake. Sick people. I am a big comfort guy who dont give a shit, but sometimes someone is angry with me. Negative people are eliminating negative energies and it is terrible to feel them in the company. One idiotic psychic vampire just hit me now. How do you deal with these people?

PS:English is not my native language

@CursedBURGER I tend to try to ignore them if it’s something minor. If people are causing real harm to my life though I just hit them with a curse. If someone is being an insufferable fool I have spells to brutally excise people from my life.


Can I leap in here and strongly suggest you change your username? Being serious, CALLING yourself “Cursed” is asking for trouble IMO, your subconscious mind sees you call yourself that every time you log-in, and it’s right beside your own thoughts and emotions in every post you make.

If you can’t see a way to change it, PM me the name you want and I can do it.

This isn’t a moderation “You MUST do this” post, but it’s a “Please take my strong advice” post for sure!! :thumbsup:

If nothing comes to mind right now as a screenname, imagine a movie about a guy leading the lifestyle you’d like to have now, or in 1, 5, or 10 years’ time, played by an actor who could portray you only much happier and more powerful, and go by what you think he might be called, or nick-named.


You could create a talisman to ward off psychic attacks/negativity.

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Battles are won on the simple things … Like Eva says … Don’t call yourself cursed.

If someone is angry, does it have merit? Is there something you need to improve on?

After that … You can have them focus on each other and ignore you.

After that … You can leave and find someplace better after accumulating the slander and selling it to their enemies …


If they’re just annoying; ignore them.

If they’re harassing you; defend yourself with banishments and wards.

If they’re really hurting you; beat the spiritual shit out of them via curses and astral attacks.

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I’m not a very moralistic person so if you feel the need to curse them, do so.

Also, banishing spells are a good idea if you don’t want someone around.

Don’t call yourself cursed, bad idea.


I, personally, think his name is quite awesome and rather ambiguous at that. It’s even empowering considering the negative connotation to hamburgers, fast food and obesity. Humor, satire and parody in combination to self awareness and self criticism even make names such as “CursedBurger” a powerful force in itself. That’s if he is fully aware of that, of course.

In my private magic circles, I call myself “The Prophet Of Moist”. It’s pretty much self explanatory, because of what I’m known for in my magical work of field. :wink:

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Haha, I’ll like that title!

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@SabahSnoblod brings the Sun Tzu vibe to the room! :thumbsup: :heart_eyes:

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No amount of magick will stop people from being dick heads and shitty people. For that I recommend buying a heavy bag and some gloves. As for their energies, learn how to effective shield and repel that energy, I usually do this by visualizing my aura become violent flames burning away all around me I see as a negative influence.

As for the psychic vampire, I’ve done this before and it works quite well, When they make a link, that link works both ways, Start drawing in as much energy from them as you can, and dump all the negative energy and thoughts you have into that connection.