How to cut ties with arachne

There is a conflict of interest between me and Arachne. I would like to know how I could get her and her influence out of my life. Do you know of a way to do this? Do you know of beings powerful enough to help me with that? I’ve already tried to talk reason with her.
Thanks in advance

Stand firm in your power and command her to leave and not come back. You have the authority to do this because it’s your life and your territory, and she’s the trespasser.

You’ve done the being polite thing, now you don’t need to play nicey nice any more. You can add her to the persona non grata list in your house wards if necessary.


Athena. According to Geek myth, she was the one who transformed Arachne into a spider to begin with as punishment for her hubris.


@DarkestKnight They are not working with the greek version. There working with the void goddess version.

@Haze So i would say do a banishing and cleansing maybe use another void deity you are on good terms with to help you reinforce the banishment.

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Is that something that role-players just made up? lol

Historically, there is only one Arachne.

@DarkestKnight Your thinking of Lolth, The Drow Elven Goddess from D&D lol.

I think its an amalgamation of different spider deities roled into one. Personally only know the greek version, mayan & japanese spider deities or spirits.

Or the Spider Goddess in Aesenath Mason’s Dragon book. I threw that book away so I don’t remember her part. The book didn’t resonate with me, back then, and I stopped reading it when I got to the Spider Goddess. I would like to read it again since I understand now why she was included in it.

Some peoples were I live call her a lot mother spyder etc bcse others peopls follow her,but they don’t know its a strong force no easy to get rid of no able to handle,it have side effects such eggs,and you figure out from there