How to cut Allah from your life?

Hello guys so my family is Islamic and literally loves Allah everytime I just say something negative about him in front of my family they go wild but that’s the least of my problems. My grandma and even perhaps my mom are praying to Allah for my “saftey”. I’ve read somewhere that when someone prays to Allah for your sake he intervenes in your life and tries to stop you from magic by weakening it. I want to cut him from my life entirely and be protected from the prayers. Can someone please give me some suggestions. Help is appreciated so thanks in advance.


Checkout banishing rituals as these really work if you keep at it.



Don’t worry about the prayers. Islam is just a tool Mohammed created to trick the gullible into aiding him in his rise to power: Allah’s made up. Just continue with your magic and let your family continue praying. If you worry to much about it you could accidentally screw yourself over


Well that’s a relief haha thanks.

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if your seeking a physical tie to cut, maybe reciting the prayers to allah, backwards


I’d advice against doing that. Engaging with islam grants it legitimacy and increases the likelihood he could subconsciously start confounding his own magic


True, I get what your saying


If it was Christianity, I’d have agreed with you. All boils down to whether there’s a real deity behind the religion

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Some people in your family don’t like what you’re doing spiritually? Too bad so sad.

Some people are petitioning a spirit to diminish your spititual ascent? Oh fuck no they didn’t!

That’s nothing but a curse war and I wouldn’t bother shooting back. @Uncle-Al is probably right. Find a favorite way to banish because someone is in fact trying to mess with you, but don’t give it more attention than that. If dumb fucks could stop us from doing magic, this forum wouldn’t exist.


You can do one thing,you can wear necklace of boar teeth,it will repel jinns and angels who are working with Allah.


You can buy it from Amazon

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I’m a formerly practicing muslim from a similar background. Generally, I havent detected any interference. If you belive it will interfere, it will.

However, I havent personally noticed any attacks.


There is evidence that “allah” (if he does exist) is a pre-islamic diety absorbed into islam. Heck, based on what Id heard growing up muslim, this is basically acknowledged. Albeit, they argue the other gods in the arab pagan pantheon were “holy men and women” whom were later deified. Basically the muslim way of converting a polytheist relgion into montheism (i.e by saying “all gods but this one were made up”).

Allah was also a term used by arab christians and jews for yahweh before muhammad. He didnt invent the atrribution, he merely co-opted it to his ends.

Thirdly, he could very well exist on the eggregore level due to centuries of worship.


I can’t go into details as this is probably stalking the very edges of the forum rules regarding politics (Lady Eva, if you see fit to delete this post then I will fully understand).

You have to remember that the Abrahamic faiths tend to be 90% political and 10% spiritual. Your family is simply trying to force their political beliefs onto you in a very sad pittiful and disingenuous way. It is like constantly using guilt and threats to get you to vote for THEIR party of choice. Best course of action is to simply ignore them and do what you want to do as they only have as much power over you as you give them.

Hope that helps.


My first thought is Cohzier

Quality guy :metal: Praise Kek

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Choose to do that and he will respect your choice. That’s a law he made for himself. He can’t intervene in your life if you reject him.

You don’t need anything else.

For you, he must be a false-God that doesn’t even exist. Do not fight him or resist him, with that you’ll give him power over you, and whatever they’re doing will have an effect on you. Completely reject his existence. Mock his religion, commandments and followers, free yourself from his “laws” and be free. Your freedom from him is what you need. Live that freedom and he will have nothing.

If you need to do a spell or ritual or call another deity or wear some magickal items to be in that state, then do it. Otherwise, just make that choice and live accordingly. He won’t be able to do anything at all.


As mentioned by @Norski, call on Cohzier:

And there’s a service offered by V.K. Jehannum. I’ll send you the link.

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Yes, VK Jehannum has a ritual that he will perform on your behalf to get rid of influence of Jehovah and Allah (different aspects of the same being) by invoking Merihim for this task.


I agree with @johntrevy, @PrinceX and with @Al-Sihr

Just expect a good thing and good things will happen. Probably your parents would only send good vibes to you nothing more, but just concentrate on your work and nothing harmful would ever happen. In the worst case if you really feel something bad; then ask help from Lord Cozier, He sure will help.

By the way, I want to clarify some issues regarding “Allah”.

Allah did exist in pre-Islam pagan Arab culture too. But it was according to their belief that He was a so great God and nobody was able to pray him or ask him something directly and they wanted to use some other Gods as an intermediary kind of a precaution, a messenger. In that perspective, Al Uzza was not against Allah indeed. They were co-existing in Arab pagan beliefs.

What Mohammad did was a reform mainly based on Judaism at first. Some Jew at that time thought even he was Messiah but then they have understood the truth behind (Galilee and due to some foods). Some historians even claim he was a part of a different project at first and then things evolved in a rather more fruitful direction but these theories may just be a conspiracy.

In short Allah is not something Mohammad came up with; however, he used what already was there to increase influence and many prayers and many Islamic terms really originate from Judaism. Indeed at first, it was even accepted as same as Jehova in the beginning, the distinction begins after Crusades, ) “not a war between lords, but a war btw gods; where rewards were proportional…” the belief at that time among Chivalry.

Along with these, EA claims that it was Azazel; Allah and Azazel are same. If you look into Koran, where it says “Allah the Best Deceiver” that along with his UPG, may be the underlying reason of the claim.

So if that is true, your magick would even do better :). Azazel is always very helpful.

Anyways, do just think and accept positive things as long as you do not credit such belief will not intervene to your magick.

PS: Below you may find some proof of the existence of Allah as a deity before Islam in Arabia ( The pagan origin of the word, "Allah". Islam is paganism in monotheistic wrapping paper.)

“But history establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt that even the pagan Arabs, before Muhammad’s time, knew their chief god by the name of Allah and even, in a sense, proclaimed his unity…Among the pagan Arabs, this term denoted the chief god of their pantheon, the Kaaba, with its three hundred and sixty idols.” (The Moslem Doctrine of God, Samuel M. Zwemer 1905, p 24-25)

In fact, he did not at first intend to establish a new religion, but rather to reform the belief in Allah which already existed, and to show what this belief truly signified and rightfully demanded. ( Mohammed: The man and his faith , Tor Andrae, 1936, Translated by Theophil Menzel, 1960, p13-30)


Just checking in to see if you have received the advice that resonates with you yet?