How to curse somebody with an effect? Would it rebound and hit me?

As above. Lets say I have a specific effect I want to curse somebody with, how do I do it?

And how do I prevent it from rebounding and hitting me?

Depends on what kind of effects your looking for. There’s hoodoo methods, demons, even angels, I can pm you some methods I use. As for it rebounding, do three sets of divination (one to see how it will effect you, one to see what it will do to the target, and one to see how string their defences are). Each time you do a curse, use heavy cleansing and banishing techniques

Please PM me your methods, thank you, and thank you for your advice regarding rebounding.

There are a few curse effects that I’d like to learn how to do, preferably without evocation.

  1. Complete obedience to me.

  2. Bankrupt the target and his family and society shuns him.

  3. Make the target utterly depressed, wants to die, but will not die.

  4. Death. Preferably gruesome death where his insides are turned out. The stuff of nightmares.

To protect yourself…from yourself or others, you need a scapegoat. Literally. In most cases people get a dog.

Meditate on the following:

compost piles
Faraday cage
alternate identities

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can you elaborate more on this? what do you mean by needing a scapegoat