How to curse a politician and her child

I’m going to a council meeting next week. I need suggestions on how to curse a politician and her newborn.

I hope it does not come to that, though. I just need some ammo in case she does not take me seriously. I want to do a “Moses-type” thing.

When Moses cursed Pharaoh and his firstborn son so he would finally free the Hebrews.

I want to be able to point at her and say something to curse her. They will think I’m joking, but I’ll have the last laugh.


Make her more sympathetic to your goals beforehand if you do not wish to destroy her :wink:


I wouldn’t advice attacking a newborn.


Your main goal here is to get things seen your way, you can call on King Paimon or Kiltan from book of azazel or other mind control spirit to influence her decision.

Thinking if plan A doesn’t work then plan b c d etc. Is not the best way to do things.

Be very specific with the outcome you desire most and focus on getting that accomplished without any hesitation or doubt.

As I see it here that outcome is for her to decide in your favour at the meeting. Focus on that.


:sunny: :wine_glass: fecking great and quick responses here guys balg forum is where it’s at, mind control is your least destructive option in this case dude get her thinking how you need her to


Might be a good idea to check local laws before doing that, they may think your joking but on the other hand depending on how you phrases things it could be enough to get you arrested for making terrorist threats.

Sorcerer discretion advised. Work in the shadows friend, it’s where all the really important shit gets done anyway. You curse a politician the same as anyone else, but if you don’t want her or her child dead then i agree with others that’s it better to call on a spirit like King Paimon to make her see things your way.


I tnk azapar is for giving and taken titles positions. Or ask abidtor a demon.

I’m trying to avoid moralising… the simple question is, if it came to that, if the curse worked, and they knew about it - will it help you, or hinder you, in getting what you originally sought?

Are you likely to get it only through making public servants afraid not to prioritise your demands?


I don’t wish to harm an innocent child. But, I want to make the point of being taken seriously.

I think that she may be sympathetic to my cause, but I want actions not talk!

Enough TALK. I want ACTION!

You’re right about King Paimon. Belial may be helpful too.

If you want to be taken seriously, then focus on that.

Work on your authority.

You can call on the angel of authority, Tzadkiel, to both build your authority and make your authority shine during this meeting.

Then, you can call on the angel of communication, Nagriel, to increase your ability to communicate, so that you can get your point across. This can, again, be an ongoing thing AND to help you through the meeting.

You can also call on Pahniel, the angel of presence (to make yourself much more noticeable) and Trumiel, the angel of exaltation (to make others see you in a positive light).

Combine this with either Belial or King Paimon, and you’ll be golden - and absolutely no need to curse anyone.


Okay man, here’s a few thoughts. If you try to openly curse them in front of a room of people you are just asking to have your efforts undone, for the same reasons “to keep silent” is a good policy. Especially if they all laugh at you. Laughter is a wonderful banishing, and a room of it could render your curse null. Bardic magick at it’s finest right there, lol.

Secondly, infanticide? You can do better than that, and you could be opening a can of worms. If you openly and successfully death curse this kid in front of a room full of people and there is another magician there, what do you think could be a result? Maybe nothing. Maybe that person is the kid’s parent’s friend and he tries to kill you. C’mon, you can be more creative.

I saw King Paimon suggested in this thread and I could not suggest better. He can aid you in influence, and He can also manipulate. People love a victim these days, so that is honestly the route I would go. Play with their emotions so that you can prey on the situation in total.

Either way, though, I still think openly cursing them is destined to fail. Hell, just the fact that we are talking about it right here right now on BALG means it probably won’t. I know I am not the only one who cringed a bit at the mention of infanticide. Forum rules state we cannot use magick on each other, but it says nothing about not using magick to protect someone else without targeting a member. (BTW that was not a veiled threat, just my musings when I got the vibes from this thread; we are cool)

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I WILL NOT HARM an innocent child. I would never morally do that. Moses would not have intentionally harmed the firstborn of Egypt. The Pharaoh brought that on himself by cursing the firstborn of the Hebrews. His curse backfired.

Politicians maybe. Cause’ mostly all politicians are crooked. I live in D.C. There is a total dislike of politicos by most of the population of my area.

Why do you think most of the congresspeople, senators and the president are always in some scandal? Think about it. Curses are being flung around here like monkeys flinging poo!

In an previous post, I said that Washington, D.C. is a magickal city!

Oh, no doubt the D.C. Council has magicians protecting them and their families.

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So which one is it? I’m not trying to be a dick, but you are sending mixed signals.

Right, and I agree with you.

Which is all the more reason not to openly cast on them in the meeting. I’m not saying don’t fry her ass, I am just saying it would not help you to go down with her.

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