How to Cultivate Magical Power

Hey folks, I thought you might appreciate this video I made on cultivating magical power. I’m posting it hear because I think it will help people’s effective practice of ritual. I would love get your feedback and have conversations about the themes raised in the video.


This sort of fits well with the internal alchemy aspects of the work. With some of the names you brought up, and I might add Robert Kegan (Rebel Wisdom interviewed him a few months ago) - the secular parlance for a lot of this seems to be ‘self-authorship’.

This has me thinking as well - there are times where magic will seem more appropriate and there are other times where the same work will seem almost like the secular side of it needs more attention. For example when I felt like I had certain kinds of internal crisis in my structure and was able to eye it up well I’d occasionally be able to think of a god or goddess who could drive a skewer straight through the problem based on their competency and I’d trust them as my initiator into these sorts of ritual workings and self examinations. At other times, and as the case seems to be quite often, it’s less clear what’s needed, what I want even seems contingent on the shape of my environment, and with that many things in play it seems like it’s almost easier to do damage with too much occult ambition than it is to just go out there, handle my responsibilities, do some reserve amount of daily meditation or energy work, and do some fantasy work or scrying when the urge calls but otherwise hang tight until I know that I’m looking at a situation that’s defined clearly enough to go back to the deities to help thread the pieces and parts together.

Don’t know what your thoughts are on the above but it seems like figuring out the what, when, and why can be quite involved (and I love how in one of Nick Farrell’s books he mentioned joining BOTA, doing the first part of Seven Steps, and realizing knowing precisely what he wanted at that moment or even that week was quite difficult - I’d second that experience with the same material). Sometimes it seems like it’s best to be quite active, at other times going armchair for a bit seems like its what the situation might require.

I think there isn’t necessarily a correct answer as to when one should resort to ritual and when one should work things out by conventional means. The trick, as far as I’ve been able to tell, is to be sensitive, to think critically, and to work magick in strategic harmony with conventional solutions. I’ve found that it’s helpful to assume that whatever knowledge and perspective are needed are always available in principle, and that is one area where it always seems wise to involve non-ordinary means. In other words, it’s never a bad idea to use magick to try to stimulate clarity or insight on what to do or what the actual situation is. It’s key to remember that as a left hand magician you are acting as creator, there are no objective intrinsically existent criteria of what is right that you need to adhere to.


I think that the best way to cultivate magickal power is the way of Vikings

Along with years of developing my psychic abilities in isolation, what really made me stronger was full on psychic fighting training with the mistress I had, who was a scarlet woman of mythical level (it was Asmodeus’ idea that I should learn stuff by living it instead of by pathworking and isolated rituals), and also the many inner fights that my former coven had.

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Thanks for sharing that insight. Martial arts and physical combat of all sorts are definitely a great way to tap into the nature of power and to cultivate a strong will. Your observations are consistent with the one of the core theses of my video, that cultivating power on levels of reality that don’t seem directly magical directly contributes to what we normally call magical power. I like what you say about living instead of doing all your occult work in ritual. It seems to me that an approach that completely fuses magick with the rest of life is best.


I was actually refering to cursing using empty hands magick, there was never a physical hit, yet she and I almost killed each other in our way up (or down?) the qliphoth, until I was broken enough to cross the Abyss. As for my former coven, eveybody hated each other at the end, and some of them ended really bad because the demons decided to favor some over others when the curses were sent. Also, I’ve fought my own lesser demons many times, even in the astral, thus I’ve improved my psychic abilities really quickly. After those and many other fights that for Asmodeus were training but were very real, a promise that Azazel told me many years ago came true: I was finallly able to overcome my disabilities and defeat all my enemies by the means of my mind and soul.

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When you said psychic fighting I was picturing something like using chi in combination with physical fighting. But clearly I misread your last message. I was on very little sleep. What you are saying about psychic combat is very interesting. That sounds like quite a discipline.

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I’ve tried to write a book about it, but I cannot decide whether to write it in English or in Spanish first.

Are you able to hear that breathing and what sounds like some language someone speaking very softly like whispering incantations under your words?!

English, though I say that for selfish reasons. It sounds interesting.

I believe that is the product of three things. (1) “adaptive noise reduction” a process I run in Adobe Audition to clean up my audio and get rid of ambient room noise. (2) I didn’t have the right adapter on hand for my directional microphone, and so had to use the camera microphone. (3) My husband was standing behind the camera, trying not to breath through his nose because the room is so quiet. Putting all of those three factors together, I think we created the effect by accident. Adaptive noise reduction is a very destructive process, so it can do weird things to certain sounds. In the short time I’ve been making YouTube videos I’ve discovered so many amazing ways to fuck up an entire recording by accident.

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:joy::clap: yup probably the hubs. I always shoot my videos alone so I didn’t even think there was someone in the room with you but that makes much more sense :black_heart: you will get better at it obviously, you’re still doing awesome! Many people simply never even get the courage to create video content so there’s no way you’ve fucked anything up at all!

This is like completely off topic but lol am I the only one that hears weird whispers in the background of this video? lol not sure if that’s intentional or not but it’s kinda cool lol.

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It’s not off topic. That’s what the last few entries in this thread have been about. Good observation though!


You make videos? I’d love to check them out. Can you share a link?

Seems like it’s actually something else. This new video I recorded has the same issue.

I think it is elements of the room noise being algorithmically chopped up as the program tries to separate room noise from speech. I need to do some fundamental audio re-configuring.

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Duuuuuude no way I think that you’re speaking with two voices wtf!!! That’s kinda amazing. Maybe it’s the ambiance thing you talked about but maybe not too… wow.

Yes I do have a channel!! It’s mostly paranormal right now but I intend on sharing my journey and experiences there soon too.

I was collaborating with some people on a channel called Heathen tv and doing witch diys and some other things but we had a huge fall out and split, now half of them went their own way and half of us stayed together and are doing something else. Temple of inner magick on Facebook they don’t want to go back on to YouTube.

I’ve subbed to you :black_heart: love that you’re talking about the Qliphoth

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