How To Create Magical Nootropics {Magico-Medical Experiments Pt.1}

I was in the shower when I was contemplating this idea and how to perform it.

I’mma give three Examples of Magical Nootropics (“smart Pills”) you can create to accelerate your abilities and strengths, along with the weaknesses of the methods used.

Experiment 1
Strength Serum With An Needle
I wanted something to increase my physical strength that mirrored that of a Serum or Mutation type concoction.

Here’s what I did:

• I vizualized a Needle and pushed energy into it to solidify it.

• I filled the needle with a red liquid that was the essece of strength and a single Ray from the Black Sun, the Green Ray. This caused the liquid to look reddish green. I chose green to symbolize the Gamma Waves, similar to that of the Hulk.

• I used my will to bring the needle to my jugular vein and stuck it in. Using my breath, I inhaled which caused the needle to penetrate the muscle and blood, then exhaled while simultaneously feeling the serum be injected.

My Body shook for a few minutes and my physical strength increased for 60 seconds then returned to normal.

Experiment 2
Magical Smart Pill to Unlock Full Potential

I saw a Round violet pill in my mind and structured it with the esesence of Human potential and commanded it to unlock that which was dormant within me when digested.

I Willed the pill into my mouth and it activated. Immediately I became more relaxed and more “normal”. I look better too.

I have not noticed more signs concerning this yet although I feel more animalistic and bestial than before. A primal lust of sorts keeps rising and falling in my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Experiment 3
The Black Pill

I structured a long black Pill whose job it was to contain the forces necessary to destroy any and all blockages on me at multiple levels.

I used the same method as above.

It seems as if no effect has taken place yet. I get the feel that this one of those “delayed effect” kinds of medications. I’ll see what happens in 30 mins.

These are some of the Experiments I’m doing as I’m spending time crafting new solutions to my issues where old one have not worked.

I’ll keep you posted :metal:


Alright sorry to be that ‘one guy’ but as someone with quite a bit of experience in this particular area of modifying ones body through magick and decent experience in healing this is just not something that will likely work unless you have natural subconscious talent guiding the specifics such as a lot of past life experience or anymore than a placebo effect to aid in normal physical activity to achieve the same. At worse you will end up accidentally putting some energy into it that could really fuck you and anyone who tries to use it over.

Now my advice if you seriously wish to pursue this is to leave all the demonic and ideological stuff behind in relation to this endeavor and look to eastern practices such as Qigong and the energetic and elemental anatomy of the human body recorded in eastern healing practices especially Chinese Traditional Medicine. To seriously augment yourself you need to have an understanding of that anatomy and the relationships between physical flesh and the astral body and what elements and energies govern the various tissues and systems of the body in order to supplement and direct those to induce the changes you want. Alternatively you can utilizing a more brute force method for temporary augmentation that will build on itself over a long period of time but you still need a basic understanding of not just the normal chakra system but the psychic channels through the body to direct the energy to strengthen yourself. The energy is about 3/4 vital power drawn up from the base chakra after feeding its fire and lower dantian point with condensed vital energy drawn with the breath but also a supplementation of fire that is then directed up the primary channels and through to the limbs you need augmented. Meditation with the Kuji-In hand signs in fact aid in this primarily the first hand sign of Rin but keep in mind this is just a temporary effect and can greatly damage your body if you don’t take precaution to not exert too much force it also requires a lot of consistent practice.

The reason I say dump the infernal ideological in relation to this is from what I have seen it makes great concepts to work with some powers and spells but is ass backwards for more objective scientific based work that would be needed to safely perform these modifications due to the direct relationship on the physical body.


Update On Results
So I took a Short nap and woke back up slightly dazed but more balanced so to speak.

I feel my energy is circulating neatly through me in a less chaotic fashion.

I’m looking forward to seeing more benefits as time goes by.

I may add more Earth Element to the mix to increase the longevity of the effects of the “medication” :ok_hand:


I tried, three months ago, to do something similar to simulate Oxiracetan’s effect. I have ADD and it’s a pain to properly concentrate without drugs, but have 10 years that I don’t use any medicine to it.

Meditations and mantras help a lot with this problem, but I felt that I needed to do something more, so I experimented something like this:

I entered into gamma/theta by meditating, and then, I structured, very slowly, one box of Oxiracetan. Then I willed myself to take one huge dose of it. It was a complicated process but, in the end, I had fully focus and attention again, I was very engaged in everything I did and it was one of the most productive moments of my life. But it lasts only 12 hours.

I tried it again, many times. Never passed the 12 hours effect. Also, it worked 3 or 4 times only and never again.

I believe that effect is the same as Oxiracetan, so maybe I limited the effect and the time of it by structuring a specific nootropic. But that was too much time consuming so I left this behind for when I have time again. Also, I did this because I had the motivation for improving my structuring abilities. After that I used structuring in a lot of other operations so I lost the motivation to keep doing this research.

Please keep it updated. I’m very interested on it.


For one the increase in strength died down, but my body mechanics are being automatically corrected so I can maximize my strength which in turns makes it easier to move things.

I also find that the “shots” I take are a repetitive thing that build upon one another.
Adding the black Sun to it makes it uncomfortable but brings growth and progress :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

I woke up this morning and felt my muscles I almost ripple! I have maintaned my normal muscles Mass but my whole body feels fucking different.

Last night, my muscles burned I different areas while I slept as I was doing Alchemical work with the fire element on them. This shit is fucking real :metal:

This was after I took the “Astral strength Shot”. And the results are continuing 2 days later


I am feeling stronger and more full of Vitality than normal. I havent done the strength shot again yet, but I may do another one today.

Finally starting to feel like a 21 yr old should feel :joy::metal:

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