How to create a vampiric sigil to drain their energy?


Im trying to create a vampiric sigil to drain the energy of a highly cured resistant enemy.
do I charge it with my own energy like sex magic with my fluides , or will this simply imprint my energy and back fire on me?

Im co fused about charging a baneful sigil.


Ok here is what you do. First, do not charge it with your energy.
Get something personal of your victim
Get a hammer
Make out a sigil from the phrase “I DRAIN YOU OF YOUR LIFE TO FUEL MY POWER”
Obtain a piece of ( should be between the size of a pearl and a quarter) obsidian, jet, or onyx
Open the sigil
Once opened, see your victim behind the sigil
Hold the stone and the victims link in your receiving hand
Start chanting the Enn of Lilith (“Renich viasa avage lillith lirach”)
Going ever deeper into your trance state chanting the whole while, visualize the life force of your target collecting in the stone in you hand until you feel something in the stone awaken. (this could take some time)
Once you feel the stone awaken immediately turn the ritual( this could be part of an entirely new rite, but the stone must be used immediately) into the most brutal curse you can do, programing the victims own energy within the stone to carry out your wish.
Then once you feel your energy peak. Shout out the intent of your curse (ex. “Die mother fucker!”)
And smash the stone withe the hammer

The work is done. This method will actually turn someone own power against them