How to create a servitor?

I’ve tried many times but it just does not work, I used some books as a base and even though I did not succeed, I was told here in the forum that one of the alternatives for the effect of my spells to last longer would be to make a egregore. The technique I used was to create a sigil from the sentence of intention, this sigil in the form of mantra would be the name of the entity and the pictorial form, the symbol, would be the seal, but at the time of creation I always have the same doubts of the type, how do I add the attributes, characteristics and abilities of it? As I visualize the being, should I just tell him? (example: I visualize the server and I tell him "you bring me more chances to make money in business, you will appear every time I light a green candle and say your name) and something else that may seem idiotic but that keeps me worrying, like he will know that I have finished giving the order and it is time to execute it? I mean, when I tell him what should be done, I should just turn away and wait for him to understand and to comply I also noticed that many recommend that energy be removed from somewhere (some planet or god), and I direct the creation, how should I do it?In case the server is meant to affect someone else’s life, should I just tell him “find (name)” and he will know who it is? Most of the questions may sound silly, but it’s because I’m really trying to figure out where I’m going after so many attempts. I think a good step-by-step tutorial would help a lot.


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You could use the breathing method to imbue the qualities you want. For example, focus on the qualities you want it to have, breathe them in, fill your body with them, then exhale them into your service until you feel its sufficiently full and imbued with those qualities.

Best book I read about this subject. Get it if you can… you’ll learn almost everything :

There are about as many methods for creating servitors as there are magicians. I think it just depends on finding a method that resonates with you.


Well… how long did you wait before you decided it didnt work? Creating a servitor is kinda like watering a plant. You have to feed and charge it over a span of time for it to fully manifest all of the desired qualities and attributes and be able to take orders.

Know that your doubts will always counter any progress you have, or wish to make. It’s like the reverse of manifestation. You are GOD. Dont doubt your ability to do anything.

This should have been added in your sentence of intention. What did you put into your sentence?
As far as telling it when to show up, you can just tell it that once he is fully manifested and matured.

Since this should be written in the initial intention statement it would literally be in his “DNA” and will already know what you want done. If you should have anything extra you want done on top of what you have already created it for, you can summon it and give it the order.

Also, I read that you always want to refer to them as “it” instead of giving pronouns so that they dont gain sentience. I dont know if that’s correct or not but it makes sense to me.

Thank you very much, this seems very useful.

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It is already the second time that this book is recommended, I will have difficulties in buying it because at the moment I am in Colombia. Thank you very much the indication. I’ll try to get it.

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Everything you said made me reflect that maybe I don’t know how to correctly plan the whole ritual itself, I think I need a step-by-step tutorial haha

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My favorite book to do that is called “Brain Magick” by Philipp Farber. The hardest part is being able to maintain focus when charging the thoughtform while releasing it to become self-conscious. I use the short story “The Circular Ruins” by Jorge Luis Borges to give me a visual to make it work.

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