How to create a poltergeist?

Okay, so I’m curious about poltergeists, I know that they’re created from lingering built-up energy. I ALSO heard that some can be sexual as well (from stories, and others experiences)…of course this is most likely NOT in a controlled manner.

So how could I CREATE a poltergeist and program it like a Servitor? Maybe even for some “fun”? Since it seems they can also manifest stronger and are a more “Physical presence”, I’ve been…curious on how one might differ then say a sexual Servitor or something.

If I understand their not a spirit but just your own/someone’s built up energy ?

I’m only curious.

Why don’t you just make a servitor and task it to act like poltergeist rather than risking yourself to possible parasites?


A servitor can act like a poltergeist?

A servitor can do pretty much anything you can task it to do imop.

A lot of us way under rate what they can do as far as I am concerned.


Poltergeists isn’t something you create, it’s a deceased spirit that hasn’t moved on that’s pissed or in a bad mood.

However, you can create a servitor like @Keteriya mentioned to mimic such.


A servitor can get rogue, and maybe dangerous, besides i never hear someone get rich using one bfre, and if did will never knw. Poltigerst or whatever is a chaos of sugestions, some say will. Energy, innerpower etc, but look amazon tipe ghost of hell., buy ebook. And u have u own poltigerst.

Rogue servitors are usually the thoughtform kind not the construct kind as the construct kind are simple robots with no capacity for it, while thoughtform servitors can go rouge as the more attention fed to them the more they can decide to gtfo lol. But a pseudo Poltergeist would be a construct servitor not a thoughtform servitor.

Oh, I thought they were built up energy from someone (usually negative energy), that hasn’t been released properly… I didn’t know they were an actual spirit…

It’s usually believed that they’re formed from a pissed off deceased spirit, or the residual energy of someone who died/was murdered therefore that residual energy held resentment.

Yeah, the residual energy was my understanding of them. So they have consciousness and are self aware as any other spirit then?

Hm, more times than not no, during my and my friend’s exploration of the ‘middle world’ we saw a lot of lost dead people but we also saw a lot of poltergeist-ish residual energy, ones in particular that were bound to a specific spot and it looked like all their faces were bunched together and in pain, but nothing we could do but wait for the residual energy to dissipate.