How to contact Lucifer

Lucifer is patient and time is different to him. I think he and any other spirit would want you to take the time to learn to contact him and learn those skills for yourself and would be willing to wait until you could manage such before putting too much on you. I have had many tell me, “We will be there when you call.” Meaning time is not so much a thing to them as it is to us and they will always be there whenever we wish to call.


Thanks for letting me know that, that helped a lot.

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What do you mean by you used his sigil?.. Can you give me steps?

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Actually, if you use the forum search function, there’s a really amazing thread about using sigils. The good thing about it, is that you can use sigils for more than summoning spirits.

I want to know how to sommon Lucifer using his sigil.

First of all, just have the spirit’s sigil in front of you (you don’t have to touch it or anything, just have it there). Then simply gaze at it (don’t intensely look at it, simply gaze at it). After a while, you’ll start seeing some lines flashing (not completely flashing) and/or some lines disappearing (not completely disappearing). When that happens, it means that the spirit is there. And that’s it!


Thanks alot for the info

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Sorry to bother you but how do I speak to the spirit or know if it’s answering?

Well, you need to make sure you have your astral senses developed enough. Just like you are able to hear/feel physical things, you can also do the same thing with spiritual beings or things, by using your astral senses.

The best way to develop your astral senses to the the level required, is to meditate daily for 10-15 minutes.

Also, note that spirits will mostly use your thoughts to talk to you and you’ll use your thoughts to talk to them. So you need to be focused when you summon a spirit (especially the first few times).


Thank you so much that really helped me alot. I’m a beginner so I really don’t know what im doing that much… how do I know it’s the time to try to contact the spirit when Im in mediation?

Also I’ve tried the way you have told me and the sigil went away under 3 seconds so I believe the spirit is with me or watching me if I’m right…?


Some spirits (like Lucifer), always come when summoned, even if you don’t even feel them there. Also, Lucifer has some amazing energy, so it’s natural that it worked right away.

So, after a few days of meditation, you’ll feel like you’re more empathetic or that you feel beings around you or even some energies. That means that your astral senses are in a good shape. Of course, your intuition also plays a big role here.

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Can you break it down for me? I’m a beginner, sorry to bug you alot…

Well, I can’t break it down any further, because it differs from person to person. However, when the time comes, you’ll certainly feel that it’s time to go further. Besides, you’ll start feeling energies, so that will be a good sign.

I feel exhausted and so sleepy when I make contact with Lucifer. I fall into the deepest sleep afterwards. It’s hard to stay awake sometimes when meditating on his sigil! That’s my experience so far!

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do you have a magickal circle? :slight_smile:

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@Dolphin If you’re a beginner at summoning, then that’s to be expected. This process requires a lot of energy and Lucifer has some intense energy himself. It’s hard to be around him without getting your body tired (as a beginner at least).


Thank you for this @Manosman! Appreciate it! With this reaction…is that a sign he is present and listening?

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At the very least, it’s a sign that someone is present and listening.


iam erastus gaweseb from namibai 27 years old i would like to work with Lucifer know more of him iam a newcomer need advices on how to work with the spirits so they can do for me what i ask /\ blg

i would like to know more of your wok