How to contact Lucifer

I have it screenshotted from some blog post from a long time ago, but I can stand by its legitimacy as a tool for evocation.

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I’ve tried other incantations but nothing has worked, are you in constant contact with Lucifer?.

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You could just summon him. I mean, you don’t need any tools (candles and stuff) to do so. Just sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and relax your mind and body. Then, just think of his name again and again. Every time you think of it, visualise that you draw him closer to you. Do that until he comes.
However, if you haven’t done so already, you should improve your astral senses, in order to hear him and feel him.

Also, he’ll try to speak to you through your thoughts, so have that in mind.
Do your best and good luck!


I hear ringing in my ears all the time when I’m by myself, I have looked into this and I was told that It’s a spirit or entity trying to make contact with me. Apparently Lucifer has been expecting but I have tried every possible approach to make contact with him these last couple of months but no luck at all.


I see, well, I do agree that a spirit could cause that. Especially since Lucifer wants to talk to you.
Try the method I told you about. It’s the easiest and for me, the best way to do this. Note, that instead of his name, you could use his enn as well, if you can remember it.
But you need to have peace of mind to achieve that and great patience.

If that doesn’t work, then perhaps you should meditate to improve your astral senses more, until you’ll be able to at least hear him or feel his energy there. But I believe it’ll work, since he wants you to talk to him as fast as possible. Try it out and don’t worry about it!

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What’s the best way to improve my astral sense?.

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That would be meditation!


Alright I’ll give it a try tonight. I have been meditating, I recently started on it a couple of days or so ago.

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I believe you should try!
Good luck!


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I tried meditating and it didn’t work I was wondering if you could pass along a message to him for me?.

Sorry, I don’t talk to spirits for others. I don’t like it and spirits don’t like it.
Meditation takes time. Try to meditate 10 minutes per day for a week or two. That would be enough to get you started.

Also, perhaps you should find a meditation that suits for you best. Try to search the forum for that, there are a lot of them that you can try.


What type of mediation? cause there are many and as stated it takes time and patience to see results. It isn’t like flipping a switch for most people.

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What language is this? You know?

Hello can u help me out how to contact with Lucifer

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There are already many info on the forum to help you achieve that. Please use the search function to find any kind of info you need.


Lucifer come lucifer i need you! It’s enough
Best friend, best mentor, best partner for all
He is too good for all of us

The first time I made contact with Crown Prince Lucifer, I used a method I found somewhere, don’t remember where, and I will have to look in my stacks of notes and papers to find it. I’m pretty disorganized but, when I find it, I will post it.

It basically involves reciting (while concentrating on what I wanted to achieve) a summoning of Scirlin (a kind of messenger spirit) and telling him that I wished to contact Lucifer to form a relationship with him and asked for Scirlin’s assistance in getting Lucifer to hear me and come to me. I then read a conjuration of Lucifer (printed along with the Scirlin conjuration) and respectfully asked Lucifer to come to me and join me into my presence. I introduced my self, told him why I called him, what I seek, and asked for a connection, friendship, relationship, assistance, etc… I felt a “magnetic pull” type feeling (which I’ve heard E.A. speak of) as if my body and even spirit had some type of ferrous content and there was some form of big, invisible magnet sitting in the chair I placed for him which directly faced mine. I spoke to him for a bit,inviting him into my dreams, thoughts, mind, body, spirit, and life, all the while feeling this magnetic feeling. I thanked him for coming and hearing me, stood facing the chair (which had me facing East, the direction of the rising sun because it felt appropriate), bowed, and told him that he is welcome to hang around for as long as he likes. I then left the room and the magnetic feeling gradually petered out during the next several minutes. That’s how I first made contact with him, I’m sure there are many ways to do it and many people on here way more experienced than me who can give better instructions and methods. I’m just sharing an experience that seemed to work for me.