How to contact/call unknown spirit from the past?

I realize the title is oddly vague. So, I’ll start with a short background to put things in better context:

I’m 35 years old and spent most of my adult life doing some form of construction or another. I was on job a few years ago and my body was beginning to break down from the intense work they had me doing. Not just that, but I hated the particular work I was doing at the time and it was causing both mental and emotional anguish.
Well, one night as I was asleep, there was a very audible voice that woke me up out of a dead sleep. This voice told me “If you’re not working for yourself, then you’re no better than a slave.” That’s all it said, it startled me at the time waking up like that and hearing this voice. Looking around, I see nothing. At this point I wasn’t into any evokation/invocation, magick, or anything of the sort. I had been into runes for many years, but hadn’t done anything with them for a while. This might have been in a time when I was experimenting with astral projection, but not sure.
After hearing this, the voice and what it said has stuck with me till this day, and has fueled me to quit doing that kind of work, starting my own business and working for myself.

Basically, I would very much like to find out who it was that was speaking to me, because they came to me of their own will and generosity, and told me something so simple that literally changed my life. I’d like to reconnect with this entity and thank them and perhaps even form a relationship with them.

If anyone has any ideas on how I may be able to reconnect, I’d be greatly appreciative.

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It may have been your own higher self, a guardian/guide or other entity that you have some connection to.

I’ve had this twice, once I think it was Raphael, and the 2nd was an ascended master who in life had been the founder of my qigong school.

You don’t need a sigil because you have felt the entity - that energy signature is as good as a name - think of the words and exactly how they said them to evoke them as normal. Just be careful of impostors.


@Maulbeere Thank you. I’m pretty new to contacting spirits and the like. Still trying to get a feel for it all.

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