How to consecrate a Black Mirror?

I took a glass from a picture frame and painted one side with black matte aerosol in order to get a Black Mirror

I want it to be usable for divination/communication/evokation with all kinds of spirits (daemonic, planetary, dead, etc.)

Tonight I’m planning to use it with Belial

How should I consecrate the mirror?

P.S.: It is true the mirror would lose its magickal properties if someone else looked at it? Or that would only affect it if I think it would affect it? Personally I don’t see how that could be a bad thing (someone looking at it), but I want to hear what others think about this, since I don’t really know anything lol


There are many ways to do this. Look into Franz Bardon’s fluid condensers.

Alternatively, you could leave it to charge in full moonlight for a few hours.

You could also engrave the seal of a spirit of divination upon the mirror, open it and ask the spirit to consecrate the mirror.

As I said, there are many ways, and you should find one that suits you.

It isn’t so much that the mirror will lose it’s magical properties (it doesn’t actually have any until you consecrate it, and even then, scrying is primarily a function of your mind, not of the mirror itself. That’s why you can scry into any dark surface once you know the technique) but more that someone other than you gazing into it can imprint their own energy, thus interfering with your purpose. That’s why you should never let anyone else handle any of your magical tools.


You mean temporarily drawing the sigil on the front, reflective glass with a marker and asking the spirit to consecrate the mirror, letting him/her know the mirror will be used with any kind of spirits and not just him/her?

Or same procedure but permanently engraving the sigil with, for example, clay, on the back of the mirror?

Belial had me make a pact using an item that counts as a black mirror so that he is always able to come through it for me. Maybe a method like that?

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Seal of Astaroth behind the mirror.



I’ll take your advice

You are the magician.

A hammer doesn’t stop working because another carpenter looks at it.


I did one with seal of Lilith some years ago.

Oh my word! I’ve just been going through this EXACT same process. Also planning on doing it for contact with Belial tonight!

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