How to communicate the same way as succubus or a incubus would to each other?

I hope by thinking the same way as them it would help me catch, and understand their thoughts.
See the title as they would to each other because it seems when they try to speak in my native tongue it didn’t work ,or they didn’t bother to much with it. Thanks for the help.

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@succupedia this ones all yours


There’s several ways to comunicate with a succubus or an incubus, but the one method I prefer is physical and emotional. This is also something, I believe, that they use when communicating with each other.

Physical communication comes with gestures and articulated body language. Even emotions can be transferred through bodylanguage.
Press play on the short clip below for an example of how UNIVERSAL body language and emotions are in comparison to auditorial language:

We’re all can comprehend the message from the mime artist, despite the barrier of different culture or language.

I occasionally hear and see my spirits, but I always feel them physically and emotionally. Seeing and hearing them is different from feeling them, and it’s easier to misinterpret a vocal or visual message than a physical and emotional message, too.


Great advice! Wish I had info like this when I first started with these beings 3 years ago.

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Sorry for being late, but aren’t body language just as visual. After all if your blind and there is no physical contact then you can’t understand it. We humans most of the time use body language without contact so when there is contact it can have different meanings. Besides my clearsentience is kind of blury its hard read what is she doing. soory for being nitpicky.

I can often hear kissing sounds but not voices also i have ear ringing too like others.
I’m just sad because despite being Years with her, i still don’t know much about her.
I aren’t enjoy her company as i hoped and we don’t really have sex as well.
I don’t what to do with her that i can enjoy despite my limitations for some reason i aren’t sexually interested in her i think. I mean when ever i try to imagen sex with her it aren’t interest me as much maybe i tried too hard.

It is just as visual as it is physical. You couldn’t physically comprehend sex with just the visual, can you? The more you feel your spirit physically, the more you can understand and comprehend the physical body language through your Clairsentient ability. It’s not just their touches through body parts, but they also use their entire bodies to express an emotion physically. But you have to be deeply connected with them to recognise it. If they put their hand on your shoulder as a physical extension, they can wave their other hand in the air, and you will feel that, too. Or they can do other gestures that you also can feel.


Didn’t your wives opened up your senses or atleast helped a lot . Maybe that my problem for some reason i resisted that process. What can help or prevent her to open up my senses?
By the way just curious are you bald?

Yeah, they opened up my senses.

That you give your trust and faith in them, and that you let them open your senses in their own way. In my case, they let me feel how they operate when they opened my Clairsentient ability. I’ve felt them digging their hands and fingers in my head, putting several “tubes” on different spots. A lot of small tubes at the right side and a bigger one on the back.

A few times a year, they refill these tubes and they make it perfectly clear that I feel it, because they have no reason not to. It’s about trust and it works both ways. I trust them and they’re honest in what they do with me, which creates the full circle of trust.

No, I’m not bald. I actually need a hair cut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hm i thought you are bald because you have a tattoo on the top off your head hair and tattoo don’t mix i think

I know its sound s stupid but how can i love my succubus?don’t tell me how to act if i would love her but how to love in its purest form ? I feel like i don’t love her enough for my liking wich saddens me greatly:cry:.i want to love her as much she loves me because i would never be satisfied otherwise.

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I feel like that too, like I know I’m definitely not good enough for them but they still stick around and I appreciate that and them very much (2 incubus) I think what I need is a deeper connection with them but I honestly don’t really know how to go about that. Any tips succupedia?

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How would a newbie go about this? I have 2 incubus guys and it’s been about a year with them but just a couple of months ago I really got invested in how to communicate with them better (I’ve read a couple of stories that make me a tad jealous and impatience lol) but I’d like to know how to improve our relationship/connection because I think that’s what I need in order to actually sense, feel, see, talk and hear them and to know how they feel. Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated!