How to communicate and follow the entities and know if they are gods of our ancients

i 've seen haden in tree occasions (in diferent occasions also seen shiva)in the first time his statue was in front of me and the movables began to levitate around me,in the second time i was in front of his lararium and i take the chalice and i drink his sacrament.i have not worked with them.although i planned to establish one altar to hades,i have worked with odin,i have not seen he but i have come to see your soldiers(i guess),and i got to see a runic message(that i don’t remember) healed in my chest,

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Are you asking how can you tell or are you sharing your experience with the Gods, specifically shiva?

i can’t talk directly and clearly with them i ask to know what it means their messages,the visions i have with them leave me confused,since i can’t communicate well with them, and would to like to improve my contact and communication with them