How to close my third eye

Ever since I opened it and ate healthy I’m in a constant flight or fight mode.

meditate i guess? does this bother you? i mean, its why people shouldnt open certain energies if they are not yet ready

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Yea it’s very overactive whenever thoughts flying in my receptors seem sensitive and I feel my third eye vibrating with worry and paranoia

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ok, then you need to find a way to control this (if you can, but im sure you can), its like when people have a premature kundalini awakening, but in kundalini, sometimes theres just no way to control

Your third eye was never closed, if you want to actually “close” it have it sealed. The third eye isn’t solely what helps with spiritual sight but still, having it binded “closed” but not enough where it shuts off energy flow throughout your energy body which is its main purpose like the other chakras.

yeah but you know what he means, he accessed that energy before being prepared, thus causing an experience he was not ready for

There’s no access any energy it’s always there and flowing throughout your system so still not accurate regardless of what he meant.

utilizing the 3rd eye comes with accesing a different state of consciousness no? and if you access it prematurely your mind may not be accustomed to it,

No. You have access to it on a daily basis without alternate states. There’s no such thing as premature accessing. Your clairs are the very first thing you should work on which many link to the different chakras. Premature access is like saying don’t do it until you don’t have an imagination.

People just expect grandiose things when the third eye is brought up.

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thats the point though no? exercise


there can be in kundalini

Start working on your lower chakras get the energy moving from the lower chakras up.
Robert Bruce mentioned once that many people always start working on upper chakras and is not good it can mess you up for example
If you work more on heart chakras you will become more sensitive and overwhelmed with feelings.

Start working on root chakras so that you gain confidence then move up to other chakras.
As you work on lower chakras it will still exercises your upper chakras because it will open up energy blockages and more energy will flow upward and is much safer and it will keep you balanced.


interesting advice

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Ok. Ty

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You need to practice ignoring it , do small exercises in repetitions for a few days , by the end of the first day you should feel far better .

I concur with the given advice, but if you’re still feeling out of sorts, look into “grounding”. You may not quite be ready for the energy/stimulation you’re getting. Ground what you can’t handle while continuing the exercises over time ( to help condition you to it ).

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