How to cleanse and give a business a reset

How would you proceed if you would like to spiritually cleanse a business? I have heard some do this separately. I would like to give mine a nice reset.
Would you use the name and call an entity to help? Which one would be best and what sacrifice can you offer?
Additionally, how do you protect a business from psychic attack, negativity?

Thank you very much in advance

Who ever your go to is. I use floor washes and mud duabber nests up high

I mean an online business actually

But you do your work where? Cleanse your area.

I work online and travel a lot. I don’t have ONE working area and I hope I never will because I’m not the type.

So that’s a bit difficult to cleanse every hotel room etc

Ok, gotcha but you can wipe off your tablet and phone

Yes, but I’d like to have something more drastic

Agree, my thought was your career house ie feng sui. Doing your works there

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