How to cleanse and charge a talisman

Hello everyone i create a new topic to asking some help. I will soon have a gold medallion with the rune Fehu engraved on the back of it and i would like to know how to cleanse it and how to charge it. I thank you all in advance for your help.


Cleanse it carefully in running water, tapwater is fine, smudge it by blowing a little incense or just your own breath (blow gently on it with the intent to blow away negative energy and bless it with power, turn your head to breathe in so you don’t suck up the same air), and since it’s gold, get a small pot of salt, like an egg cup, and place it in overnight to ground its power in the earth element, with two candles or tealights, one on each side, that burn to consecrate it with fire.

This is simple, not historically authentic but I don’t think we know of any historically preserved methods.

You could also leave it in the sun somewhere safe (like beside a closed window where it won’t be seen and tempt thieves) for a few hours on a Sunday and ask the solar powers to bless and charge it.

Alternatively, imagine you are writing a fantasy film about a powerful Norse magician and envision what he would do, to unlock the creative powers of your own mind, and then use something like that. :sunny:


Thank you very much for your answer Lady Eva i will try your methods. Just to be sure, classic white candle is OK or do i need specific candles for Fehu ? Thanks again.


When working with Norse related matters, if I feel the need for a candle, I prefer to use natural bee’s wax. It feels cleaner and has a better energy in my opinion. Plus, if the people of that area and time used candles at all, I’m fairly sure they would have been bee’s wax.

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Thank you very much for your help Tov it’s exactly what i’ll do. I totally agree it feels cleaner and more pure more spiritual.

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