How to Channeling entities + Lucifer talked to me in a dream

Hey guys, I’ve come so far on my spiritual journey ever since I joined this site. I’ve worked with +12 demons, had sleep paralysis, made a pact, but here’s the thing. I’m still having trouble channeling belial and lucifer!! I’m doing a spell with these two, and LUCIFER HIMSELF told me that someone will help me in this forum.

So, can anyone help?

Otherwise, have a great Monday everyone!!

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You know sometimes a musician or artist will be in a creative slump, then suddenly they will “find their muse” and information just flows out of them in long sessions? That’s basically channeling.

The first time I noticed it is when someone asked me a question about fallen angels. I hadn’t actually researched the topic at the time, but suddenly I had all this information at my disposable that I otherwise shouldn’t have. When I noticed this happen again, I focused on my energy and felt Lucifer just kinda dropping tiny hints.

All you have to do is open the sigil of the entity you’re working with, and then open yourself up as a channel for whatever information they want to give you. While you’re in this state, just focus on the task at hand and do it to the best of your ability.


What @DemonMonk said is true. Sometimes, the first time happens without any warning. Some other times, the more you go for it, the further away it goes. For me, it just happened without warning years ago. I guess you need to connect with the spirit first.