How to channel spirits?

I would like to know how to channel spirits, I need some help. Any tips?

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Before I answer do you know what the Theta Gamma Sync is?

There are a few ways to get into the necessary mental states in order to channel. I ask because the Theta Ganma Sync is a state you need to be able to channel fpr example.

Is it like putting yourself in a trance?

More or less there’s a difference.

Oh I would like to be in a light trance I read it can be dangerous when fully in a trance.

Only when you’re moving around

Here’s my suggestion you’ll have to get into a trance state that’s where you hit just below So you still have control. To do get there, overload your senses with incense, music, rocking back and forth, until your conscious mind gives up. When your world starts spinning and you have no idea of time or grip reality anymore, now you call the spirit you want to channel and relax your hands and face, and ask thw spirit to use your mouth while remaining control of your body.

This is the quick version, I’ll have to get back to you tomorrow, sleep now.


Can you try to tech me to channel? And how do I get into that state and know when I’m in it…?

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I more or less answered your question in my previous post but I’ll create a topic about it later, UNLESS one already exist on here. You can have a look there when it shows up.


Well, well @MT6x , looks I’ll have to create one unless some other get to it before me.


Ok thanks

Hi there, here’s the topic, try this and see if it helps you out:

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