How to channel a sigil, symbol, or some connection?

I did a search first, honest! Maybe I am not sure what I am looking for to find the right thread.
Anyway, in the imposters thread, it was suggested to channel something personal for you from the entity or spirit you work with to make sure they are legit. How do I go about that?
I tried to meditate on it last night, in order to ask an entity, but I fell asleep … I really need to stop laying down for these things!
I got into the dubious practice of spirit-keeping, and I’m still not sure if it’s legit since I have all the abilities of a brick wall. There are a few conjurers who provide you with a sigil or mantra or something, but not many. I have an incubus I am trying to establish a connection with. So I first tried to see if maybe I could get something in my dreams. I had some weird images flashing as soon as I closed my eyes last night, but more than likely it’s because I spent too much time playing a mobile game before bed. This morning though, I went to the bathroom and was trying to get woke up, and in my groggy state I was seeing an image flash a few times. But again there were similarities to a character in the game and I’m not sure if it means anything at all. The incubus resembles this character in a way, but it wasn’t intended for him to be an exact copy. But they can shapeshift … aggghhh you see why I get confused.
I’d like to try again, and I’m guessing I need to minimize the thoughts and distractions, and focus on the intent of channeling. I just want to make sure it isn’t my fantasy or a thoughtform.

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I’m not sure if i could explain flashing images that are not my own. Generally, they aren’t anything related to my day or activities. I have to be in the right meditation state and the images morph/flash very fast one after another rarely if ever the same image.

I want to add that when I saw the flashing symbol this morning, my eyes were open. It was hazy and blurry, almost like a shadow image, it was enough to get my attention and go, “huh that’s weird.”

If you think it is important you should try to get in contact with that spirit or find out what kind of energy or other being that the sigil represents.

The sleeping part, oh how I get you haha!

If that’s an issue, try not doing it at night- I know that the dark space and silence is ideal, but our body is tired and knows that that’s sleep time, so it’s easier to fall asleep! Try it in the morning, if you can- like when you wake up and you’re in that “ughhh five more minutes” phase! Or afternoon, but again if you’re in the digestive phase you’ll most likely fall asleep!

As for the specific images you’ve described, they could simply be your mind processing your day, and including this specific video game you’re referring to: especially if you’re playing it before sleeping or subconsciously associating it to this entity.

You could try meditating and channelling again after having spent a couple days without that video game, and see what happens then!

It’s also important to remember that everyone’s attention span varies, and so does the time your thoughts take to calm down before entering the meditative state. If you can focus for a little longer, try longer meditations so that you give time for your mind to do the crazy replays until it calms down! Avoid controlling your thoughts or trying to stop them or minimise them, that only makes you more focused on them: simply let them pass, sit back and watch, they’ll stop after a while.

Once you get more information/images/feelings/words, you can research them to see if they fit with the entity you’re trying to establish a connection with.

At the same time, don’t dismiss everything you see as your imagination. I used to do the same with a couple of very vivid dreams and meditative session, until one day the exact things I saw popped up while studying things referred to a specific entity that I couldn’t have known before! Be patient with yourself!

*I also agree with CrypticAce54 that perhaps it’d be a good idea to contact that spirit through divination to get some more info- although I think that’s a step for when you’re comfortable recognising them, as some entities (and especially demons if that’s who you work with) like to trick you and lie!

Thanks, sounds good.

I found the unofficial tutorials for beginners thread, great stuff there. I have it bookmarked to prevent asking redundant questions again.

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