How to change someone to who they once were

They were a certain way for a long time, but the influence of someone else caused them to change 180 degrees. They are fighting against it, but that person always stops them when they are like 170 degrees back to their old selves. I want to help because they are harming themselves because they can’t seem to leave this person alone. And the person they love is about done waiting around for them to get it together.


Not enough details. Like what are you trying to accomplish and is magick even involved? Whats the projected goal? What sort of obstacles?


Is it a friendship or romantic relationship. There are rituals to break relationships. You can find them in the search bar.

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I thought I was rather clear in the OP.

Was magick involved to change her? No. They both thought they were getting greener grass and got a shit ton of mud.

I am not sure if separating them alone is enough to change her back.

It’s a romantic relationship for lack of a better word, but they are both in love with someone else (I mentioned the person she actually loves at the end). Both of their lives are ruined, but it’s not enough to get either to leave. I need something STRONG to get this to finally bust up. I don’t care what (I am currently looking through some breakup stuff; I already did Force Exile, Bring Judgment and Harm and Destroy on them but all I know is they are still together).

I don’t want this to turn into Dr Phil over BALG. I don’t need practical advice; I need magickal assistance.

I’ve decided to remove her from the equation altogether. If anyone has some good ideas for that, by all means please comment.