How to cast it back?

My mother got in contact with her connections in Thailand and the monk looked at the photo of her and her soon to be ex partner and a photo of the restaurant she owns.

She had a feeling that the family had performed black magick a month ago and got in contact to find out that the black magick was done by Vietnamese people (obviously mom’s soon to be ex partner’s sister). She is a bitch for doing that, and I’ll hold her to it. The black magick that was done was to bring her down and the business down, to lessen the income and bring misfortune. Luckily my mom has her shop protected with her use of magick and offerings to deities that are setup around the shop. (She’s a Theravada Buddhist). The monk also said he’ll need three days to complete the process, to send the curse back and he noticed other particular aspects but that’s irrelevant.

Mom’s soon to be ex partner got into a car accident (was the passenger), went into a coma for a few weeks and is recovering now; he is doing fine albeit severely injured. Tough man. He truly deserved a second chance. I didn’t mind him, he was of good nature. But his family perpetually targeted my mother since the beginning as if she is a very bad person and the family since then has done everything to bring her down and to stop her from seeing her boyfriend which is why they are now to be soon ex partners. I find that unfair.

I’m not particularly experienced in this area of magick. What are your suggestions in me returning the curse right back at her? This to me is taken seriously and I want the monk and I to coerce this force in a collaborative manner. I have a few ideas in mind but would be attuned to the suggestion of an experienced magician in this certain field.

What a jealous little bitch. Are you a vampire? Drain her and send the bitch nightmares.

Thank you for the input. I’ve already figured it out. The restaurant is entirely protected by numerous deities and other protective spells are in place to ward off negative energy and bad luck.

The magick has been ricocheted, I called upon a few entities to help channel the curse through a current that sends it back to the one who casted it and her.

It worked as I knew it would, evidently so as fortune and greater income has came in moreso recently to the shop. :slight_smile:

Cursing / hexes I’m not quite experienced in.

Although I know I’d excel in that particular field due to a few personal reasons, it’s probably better that my murky depths enter this particular field when I can’t physically hurt them at the time. But I won’t go out of my way to practice it if I’ve been wronged at its slightest.

I don’t see those people often, I only saw the sister at the hospital and my mom has nothing to do with them or her ex partner anymore due to the unfortunate circumstance.

I understand people of Eastern culture are very big on their magick so this is no surprise to me. It was just an ambush that we caught onto. I am Half Thai, Half Italian. Born in Australia. There’s a lot of multiculturalism here, it’s great :slight_smile:

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Glad everything worked out for you. Have you studied the I-Ching?

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Only a little, how come? It’s something I do wish to delve more into. I’m juggling too many topics like I always do. I gotta pace myself topic to topic :blush:

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No one else really brings it up here. Its one of things I want to study someday. I use really basic Chinese magic.