How to call Lucifer (Introduction)

Am Eric from Ghana am new here I need a teach who will teach me how to call Lucifer

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Welcome @Eric77

Do you have any experience in magick?

No please so I need your help boss

There is plenty of information to be found on this forum about Lucifer. Please avail yourself of the search function on the upper right.

As mentioned, it’s best if you use the forum search function. Your question has already been answered.

I wouldn’t start at the top like that. You should work your way up and do things to please him (calling lesser beings first and ask them.) You can’t meet Will smith for example without contacting his manager.

I disagree. You can call and work with him quite safely without having to do that, even as a straight up beginner.

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Start with petitioning, instead of starting with a full on evocation. His energy is very strong and you might not be able to handle it if you tried to evoke right away. Petitioning allows you to address him, and for him to hear you, without you being blown backwards by his energy.

So look for ways to petition him by searching the forum.

Lucifer is a beginner friendly being to work with. As long as you respect him (without grovelling) as you would want to be respected, you have nothing to fear. He’s quite hard to anger. Believe me, I’ve tried. :wink:

You may want to search the forum for evocation and opening sigils.

You may want to search the web for Lucifer’s sigil in the Grimorium Verum or the Liber Armadel (these books are related).

There are fine ediitions by Jake Stratton Kent and Joseph Peterson.

Kindly introduce yourself to the forum members.
Thank you!