How to build a relationship with spirits?

I want to compel spirits to do my bidding, but recently I have been getting shut out by most of them… I have been checking this forum, along with other sources and I have come to the conclusion that I need to build a relationship with the spirit first. So where do I start with the spirit?

  1. Pick the spirit you think will be most interested in aligning with you on your goals

  2. do a reading on whether this is likely to work, using some form of divination, and also trusting your gut (a little fear/excitement is natural, dread or gnawing doubt is not a good sign)

  3. try various forms of magick, from soul travel to evocation to opening sigils, see which you feel makes contact the best, also send telepathic requests to them to aid you and send you a sign they are interested in becoming involved on your behalf

  4. profit! :smiling_imp:


Compel is a strong word for starters and pick spirits who have similar energy like yours.
My honest advice.
And there’s a lot spirits to choose from.


Ok… I’m gonna need a list of baneful grimmoires, since I’ve exhausted my options…

Also, treating the spirit with sincere respect (emphasis on “sincere”) helps a lot.

In the end, it all boils down to intent. If they doubt your intentions, they won’t work with you.

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  1. Stop creating the idea in your head that spirits are tools for your creations.
  2. Evoke them to communicate with them, treat them with respect since they are higher beings than you.
  3. Show them your interests in them and their skills/works.
  4. Ask for advice and don’t give commands.

That’s it, you can be the next King Solomon.

Figure out the spirits Agenda first. You cannot hope to get what you want from a spirit if your agenda naturally goes against its own.

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