How to bring the spirit up from the grave

Basically, I found a great graveyard to work with and I’m excited to be going there. I want to start getting in contact with the residents, how do I go about this? What’s a basic way of getting a spirit of the dead to be present and easily noticeable?

I highly advise going through the gatekeeper. This is a spirit who guards the cemetery. Without his protection, you could potentially come into contact with the not so nice dead.

Simply approach the gate and knock softly three times. State aloud your name and what you want to do. Ask to be led to spirits willing to work and the like. End by giving payment of a dime
If you get any bad feeling, you should immediately leave. You could try again another day, but the answer may be the same. The bad feelings are the gatekeeper’s way of denying you permission. If you go ahead and go in anyway, that pisses him off. And considering that he would have been your protector, he would now be your destroyer.