How to bring back lost powers?

Hello everyone. How do I bring back lost powers? I kinda know who took them from me… Im 99% sure. Is there a way? Ive read about vampirism. Ive also heard about ”meditate one week” , maybee combined with some sort of fast or cleanse?

What is your relation to who your 99% sure took them?

Edit: Was under severe demonic and spiritual attack from a person. No relationship really, just a person that didnt like me as a person

I don’t know what to tell you, but you might not be under attack from said person in particular, or any humans. Do you work with any beings who you have any reason to suspect may have taken abilities from you to make you improve on other abilities?

Or have you been improving on other abilities since the loss of your old ones?

I was more in to eastern practises and fitness than working with entities. Well I did evoke something one time.

What abilities did you lose?

Well Iam into fitness but not to eastern stuff as I was close to develop mental illness due to Much meditation.

The abilities that girls was hitting on me everywhere I did go, could find people in town, people did love me no matter what I did. Could do all kinds of stuff. Not by will, just my higher self guidning me through this world if you know what I mean?

And that is the hard part. I dont know if I lost my powers. As I was not really aware of them when I had them.

What kind of mental illness?

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Confusion I would call it. Not really mental illness.

When you meditate, do you try to block out all thinking, or do you let thoughts come and go?

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Mainly zazen and focusing on my breath.

I’m haven’t familiarized myself with the term zazen, but I think you may have just had a dent knocked in your confidence that stuck with you and got worse as you projected your perceived outcome, like maybe you’ve in some context cursed yourself. That’s one possibility that comes to mind

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Yes I was thinking that too wrong mindset. That could be a possibility. But the fact that Much of the good stuff is gone. .

Zazen is when you count your breaths.

Don’t worry about people liking you. I’ve gotten alotta shit, and alot of positive from people…If you lose abilities, people will hate. If you gain abilities then they will hate you even more.

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Well not neccessarily it just depends on who your dealing with…
Fun fact: You never know who your dealing with.

First you’re into Fitness and Eastern practices then you say no you were not into Eastern practices because meditation brought on mental illness then you didn’t actually mean mental illness but that it was confusing for you.

This all I find confusing.
Also you shouldn’t throw around the term Mental Illness like that, it’s a serious condition and not just some label when you don’t understand something.

No matrer if someone’s attacking you or you’re doing it to yourself it’s some sort of block. Work with that, use divination, call on the spirits you work with. This way you have a better understanding otherwise all I can suggest is looking up banishing, warding and shielding on the forum.
I’d suggest this regardless but after that if you have more info you can tailor something to help you better.