How to break what was put on me

So I was told that my ex girlfriends put a love binding on me i don’t know if this was in the relationship or something to try and get me back. So I have 2 questions 1 how do I know if the love binding indeed did work or is working. 2 how would I break it

Seems to not have had much effect by my observation.


Ya a love spell would have you obsessing, longing, calling her or otherwise trying to contact or be with her.

I think she’s trying to mess with your head hoping it will work on you.
Just shake that off. I’d also recommend banishing or cleansing. Depending on her, I’d also bind her from messing with you to be sure.

You could also talk to a spirit you trust and find out.

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There is an Angel named Opfaal that can help

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A real one will have you wanting that person and wanting to bind that person to you as well in some way.
It’ll have a stranger stare out from a crowded room and shake your world, it will be love/lust at first sight over a photo. It’ll be that person coming to you at night in dreams and giving you the most sublime sex you’ve ever experienced. It’ll be you wanting to take a bullet for them. It’ll be them binding you and you binding them over and over again telepathically, it’ll be asking them to help friends, it’ll be asking them to give raises, it’ll be them inviting you to things and you being scared to show up in case the two of you end up as an erotic floorshow.

It’ll be you doubting your sanity.

Oh by the way it’s not synchronous, it can happen at any point in time just to add to this fun. You may be bound to someone in a previous life and the other party hasn’t met you physically yet in this one. You work on them, meet them and see what happens…