How to break/stop love and obsession to get out of relationship?

Hi there, I was hoping to get some help from you guys if you can?

I’m currently in a long term relationship and I want out, I don’t love him anymore. He is obsessively in love with me and doesn’t want to let me go no matter the amount of times I’ve tried to break up. I’ve tried separation spells with figure candles, separation candle, and a four thieves with hot foot banishing jar, as well as lime in the freezer, coca cola jar dissolving spell, and none seem to work. I’ve even tried touch me not oil, carried a separation mojo bag, tied his underwear in a knot and out in the freezer to kill his sexual desire for me. I’ve also used heart chakra with clearance oil and massaged that over my heart. He is completely fixed on staying with me and is still completely physically and sexually attracted to me and more determined than ever to keep hold of me and refuses to give up on me and let me go.

I feel the biggest reason he can’t seem to let me go is because he is completely obsessed and in love with me and I need to break both the obsession and love then banish him. No matter what I do, even if I make hurtful mistakes he wants to immediately forgive me. I ask why we still continue and I don’t think we should be together then he says I’m worth fighting for. He wasn’t always a great person, he was horrible before, and now that I want out, it scared him and he’s trying so hard to turn around to be good to keep me but its too late and I don’t feel the same. He keeps on making up excuses and using manipulation to keep me there with him. I then end up feeling guilty and staying. He threatens to act erratically if I leave and I just need it all to stop. Honestly I do not want to involve authorities or get a restraining order.

I wasn’t sure if maybe using a skull candle may be one option to get inside his head and influence him to stop loving me and tie the rest of them to it?

Is there anything I can do to:
-break the love so he doesn’t love me anymore
-stop the obsession
-make him want to leave me willingly and be happy/okay to leave me/be apart and break up.
-make this happen without arguments because I don’t want him to get violent, he has anger problems he’s been trying to control.
-get him to give up on me and stop fighting for me
-get him to leave me alone and never talk to me again
-get him to move away.

Bottom line I don’t want to cause any harm to him, I want him happier elsewhere, I just don’t want it to be with me.

If anyone can please please help… I’d really appreciate it. Thank you all so much for your time!!

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Just leave.

Seriously. He’s manipulating you. If he threatens to hurt himself, call the suicide hotline or the cops for him and leave.

If you’re unhappy, leave, there’s really no other way around it :woman_shrugging:t5:



Agreed, you need to formulate a plan and get away from him.

When you’re ready to do that, PM me and I’ll give you some tips that helped me hide from my ex.

In the meantime, why not mix some of those oils into massage oil and rub him down?


Oh, and talk to Lilith. She doesn’t like it when men try to manipulate or control women.