How to break rules?

What is the best way to break moral rules and go beyond good and bad?

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For what purpose?

In general.
An LHP practitioner have to break rules to step inside Chaos.

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Breaking rules, for the sake of breaking rules is useless. There needs to be a purpose in everything one does as a magician whether you are lhp or rhp. If its just breaking taboo to gain power, unconventional sexual acts that dont break actual laws work best, as its hard to practice magic from jail


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There’s two rules down.


Realize that all rules are merely illusions and there is no good or bad and morality is just another social construct. In some cultures it is perfectly moral to rape and kill people. In others such actions are reprehensible. When you realize it is all perspective and meaningless then you are free to choose your own morality and what you decide means something too you. In the end of the day we are all meaningless in the full infinity of existence so we exist in a state of ultimate freedom free to choose our own meaning and advance according to such.

Simply say fuck your morality I substitute my own as befits me.


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