How to break peoples bones and give them aneurysms with magick?

I need to know how to do this! I need to know to protect myself from people that try to harm me or kill me!

I believe it’s clairvoyance and belief I’m not certain if clairvoyance is how one does it

I know it’s possible to do I’ve been wanting to know how to do it and I plan to do good with it.

To protect others

Like if I see someone getting abused by someone, I will teach them not too abuse there kids

This is something I need to learn I plan to do so much good with it.

But yeah life’s great right now but you never know when your gonna need to defend yourself and being able to defend yourself in that way is such a great thing

It will be something nobody will believe and yeah I plan to find people that are in abusive relationships and hurt the abuser make them pay

Ya know all my life I knew there were powers and abilities one can get. Then I found out that it’s true

There’s always a loophole in magick

I’ve always knew anything is possible I always believed in magick while a kid and I felt drawn to magick to power

I knew things existed without having knowing how I knew

So yeah

How do I break peoples bones and give them aneurysms with magick pretty sure it’s clairvoyance I’m drawn to clairvoyance when i think about breaking bones and hurting peoples head

I won’t go about breaking everyone’s bones and destroying everyone’s lives with this but I will do good with it and protect myself and protect others

I won’t get spotted while doing it I will be sneaky when I do it

So how do I break peoples bones And give them a giant headache with my mind remember I’m pretty sure it’s clairvoyance which allows the ability to break bones with ones mind

Um…no, it’s not lol

Clairvoyance is the ability to see into the future/past/astral realm. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fantasy super power you are thinking of.

Scrying into a crystal ball or a black mirror to view the past or a spirit is clairvoyance. Imagining yourself breaking bones and giving aneurysms with your mind, is most definitely not.

Breaking anything with your mind would be an act of telekinesis.


One has to imagine and believe for something to move with Telekinesis to work right?

Telekinesis requires far more than just imagination and belief. It requires a lot of energy. @AdamThoth has a thread about his experiments with it, I believe, and he said it takes a lot of effort to move something as simple as a pencil, so I would get comic book ideas of aneurysms and breaking bones out of your head.


So if you want to do something like this I’d say you have to learn teke like they mentioned or learn how to project yourself into the physical realm and then use your ability of touch to do any damage I projected to someone befor without seeing them knowing they would see me offered to shake there hand and the hella shook my hand that kind of ability of touch would be able to be used to break bones if strengthened enough can also practice by just picturing your self slapping a friend back or what not learning how to exert force I’ve been able to like pinch a random women’s ass when driving past but stopped trying after that felt sorta bad wouldn’t want to get violated like I did her she hella turned around and was like wtf when no one was there unlike tele it doesn’t take a insanly huge amount of energy to exert for when used on a living animal. Also another option is voodoo doll. Hope this can be used wisely and good luck, give your dog extra love. A way to practice getting your force is hit your dogs kick spot then picture your hand still scratching there while you either stop scratching or move to a spot they don’t kick from it’s really fun and isn’t that hard to do once you tell yourself this is easy to do I just have to earn the right to do it with powerful displays of force. Also believe in the power of your intentions and that when you have pure intentions or rightouse one that I will make it easier because your earning your ability to use this type of energy from the source itself.

kinesis is difficult, you won’t be breaking bones anytime soon.
Or even moving pencils.

Buy a baseball bat. Name it “Magick”. Proceed to break bones with magick. That’s about the only way I see this happening.


My friend, even boxers do have hard time doing this after training for years, magick isnt gonna help you with that.Can you just like,hex people like rest of us instead of this?


Dude i said the same too guy yesterday hahaha

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I did that. I broke a lady’s man the bones and unfortunately the wrong one, I knew not that he would die from it. And she were crying to me “Why you did that, you monster? I loved him!” … and another lady who’s husband didn’t die was like "You bastard, you did this to him and now I have to nurse my kids father for all his life.

A hypothetical case…


Ok so in abuse cases, unless the woman/man is done with the abuser they are only going to see this as an assualt on themselves and then have to deal with the blowback from the abuser. Most times the best thing you can do for victims is work magick that helps them build their self esteem, self love, and confidence so that they themselves take the needed action to rectify their lives.

The majority of abuse victims dont have healthy mindsets and are often so ingrained in denial and victimhood that even if they did get free of the abuser, they’d find another just like the abuser to jump back in a relationship wjth to keep their normal cycle going because they are more afraid of change and accountability than the abuse.

And fyi first hand experience here.


She gives good advice :point_up_2:


@anon482649 Thank you for providing the “scientific” explanation of my practical examples and explaining them :smiley:

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@thejimy lol it reminded me of how I would feel in that kind of situation. And it would suck balls.

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As far as causing injuries with magic, your best bet would be to become well versed in curses, although the wait time can be murder depending on what you are trying to achieve. You can also try to become more fluent in protection magic as well to help loved ones avoid those situations entirely. However, you can only do so much as everyone makes their own choices.

Doing things like volunteering in groups that not only help victims in the aftermath as @anon482649 explained it but teach others how to both avoid and defend themselves might be the more efficient way of doing what you ultimately want to accomplish based on what I am reading in your OP: helping others.

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