How to bless a mala in a Satanic/sinister way?


You could try chantring the reversed “Lord’s” prayer over it, there’s a thread about that here that has the phonetic version, and the “reversed and blackened afrin” (religious blessing) in Ford’s book Gates Of Dozak is also pretty powerful in my experience.

You could use a specific number of beads correlated to demonic spirits (for example, 72, for the demons in the Ars Goetia) and chant their enns a certain number of times on each bewad as you contruct it, to imbue it with their energy, and ask their aid and allegiance - this would be quite a major endeavour, to interact with all 72, and not something to take lightly.

Or, have nine larger beads for the nine demonic Kings of the heirarchy a lot of us work with on here, and maybe nine smaller beads between them, and again chant their enns and so on to empower the mala.

I had an idea I posted here about desecrating various holy books, you could adapt that to keep the mala in and make the entire thing a shrine in its own right to your ascent, or use the idea Dagon posted in that thread of painting over printed pages taken from scriptures, and so on.

In Works Of Darkness, E.A. mentions using metamorphic rock for your altar, I liked that idea and choosing the material the beads are made from, you could look into that, or use classic black obsidian. I believe Belial likes red carnelian, and depending upon how elaborate you wanted to make this, you could choose each bead to match the attributes of the spirit/s you dedicate it to.

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All ritual objects are an extension mirrored reflection of the User… Hence the real Radionics machine exists as a Thought construct within your Mind and Memory. In order to do this you essentially have to go through what I call an “Imprinting or Re-Imprinting” process. This is in fact the whole point of Ritual as it is both about Creating, Evoking and Enhancing that State of Being. An example is when you are growing your parents raise you, give you experiences… And thus, Imprint upon your consciousness and nervous system (emotions) a unique state of being you remember both in Mind and Body.

So in order to do it you are going to have to Zealously at the very least get into hardcore ritual (taking it very seriously) of your own creation. One way to do it is to do a repetitive prayer or affirmation for each bead. Did you know that catholic prayer beads are half the amount of Mala beads? So essentially one has an All-Father Church that took the All-Mother aspect out of it where it is hidden in the concept of Mary (just like they like to hide the feminine concept of the Soul by downplaying Occult). I could draw occultic associations all day of many varieties. You can either devise your own methods or count Mala beads adding a prayer for each which is very effective…as the whole point of any ritual is repetition anyway.

Oh and another thing. 108 Tibetan Mala Beads Numerologically reduces down to 9… Where when you do a Symbolic Sacred Marriage of The All-Father and All-Mother (the divine powers when a Woman merged on all Levels with a Man) can be symbolized in The Devil tarot card which is also a belief among occultists of the creation of the Witch God which is Lucifer and his Goddess.