How to Begin Psionics

Hey! Could anyone direct me to a source where i can start learning Psionics? Maybe a magician i can contact to get me started?


He’s a pioneer in psionics and all his work is free.


If you can find your way around this site, it will help you a lot.

The other options are to look into common energy work and basic structure building.

The easiest one is forming a ball in your hands by visualizing your energy coming from your core and swirling around your hands, it’s a tension technique and really good for learning how it moves about you.

However, if you are just now beginning, Id suggest the body exercises :

  1. Lay down in a comfortable position.
  2. Focus on the energy in your body, either meditate or try to focus on feeling the energy opposite of you around you such as the floor and the air / temperature around you and then focus inward.
  3. Also, another thing to do for this to work is focus on feeling static in your hands and feet and moving in throughout your body as they are the general first point of contact with energy.


Is the sigh in psi-onics because it doesn’t work ?